Best Instagram practices: Helpful tips to get the most out of your presence in 2017


Instagram is one of the leaders of the pack in the ever-growing social media movement. It is one of the key instruments that can help online businesses grow their ventures to new levels. Instagram has gained a large amount of popularity because of the many perks it provides its users. A few of those perks most valuable for businesses are an extremely high engagement rate, an abundance of mobile users, and targeted ads with great results. Plus, the almost certainty that people are sure to continue loving everything about it.

2017 is a whole new year for Instagram, and with that, a chance to step up your social media marketing efforts. Here are some great tips that you can use to get the most out of Instagram marketing this year:

Seize every chance to convey your brand story.

With Instagram, each image is an opportunity to share a story. Your ad should fit the whole Instagram marketing strategy and make the images make sense. However don’t overlook the captions, hashtags, and other context clues, which can sometimes be just as important.

Try to blend in.

Your audience shouldn’t feel pressured by your posts to purchase or switch products/brands. The posts must come across as natural as possible. Your ad needs to blend in with all of the regular photos users see their friends sharing. Customers are getting fed up with being sold, so focus on adding value rather than trying to make an immediate sale, every time.

Create posts based on the interests of your target audience.

Once you define your target market, find out which type of posts they usually share, like, and engage with. Next, check your previous posts and see which ones got the highest number of engagements. Look for what they have in common and identify the qualities that could have possibly grabbed the viewers interests then, use that to your advantage.

Show only one product with each post and link.

Rather than trying to jam pack each post with every item you have, it’s best to give each product it’s own spotlight. This gives a cleaner presentation while reducing the likelihood of your viewers getting distracted. You can also make use of carousel style ads, with each product panel having a direct link to its page on your site.

Get the most from user-generated content(UGC).

You can reward participation in your Instagram activities by having contests, for example. This will not only encourage your target to play along but it will also provide you with User-Generated Content(UGC). When using UGC, it is best to showcase the most natural looking photos to help your posts feel more authentic. These regular, everyday pictures are more genuine instead of cold, stock photo sales images. You can also check out what practices your successful competitors are using, and see if any apply to your business strategy.

Add UGC to your Instagram market.

You can set your brand apart from the rest by kicking your gallery experience up a notch. Mix in some UGC. Showcase your star ratings, and feature your top products with the best reviews. But be sure to keep the navigation simple so users can go on exploring your page with ease.

These are some tips that online businesses can use to advertise on Instagram. If you are looking for more, be sure to visit Vibbi. They can help you with developing your Instagram marketing campaign more. You should always be looking for ways to keep your feed fresh and new. And if you haven’t started yet, this is the best time to hop in and get results!


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