Buying an Xbox Headset: The Beginner’s Guide for every gaming enthusiast


We are living in an era of technology where, gadgets seem to have an indispensable role. Today, virtual reality consoles and play stations have surpassed the gaming experience that earlier as limited to computers. Xbox headset is one such device that can amplify your gaming experience by many folds. If you are making up your mind to purchase one, we bring in an ultimate guide covering Xbox one headset review that will let you make an informed decision on how to go about with its purchase.

The importance of an Xbox headset in gaming is huge and this also depends on the sound quality too. While playing a warfare or shooting game, if you do not get to hear sounds coming from the gun shots, how dull and bleak the experience would become! And the key to avoiding such a scenario is investing in a quality headset that not only produces sharp consistent sound but also comes under an affordable budget.

Analyse your nature of use

Much before you could figure out Xbox options in the market, ask yourself one natural question as to how you will be using it. Is Xbox the only device you rely on gaming or you will move over to other gaming consoles, computers and your smartphone too?

While there are some Xbox headsets that provide compatibility with multiple devices others are limited to working with single consoles only. If you are one of those gaming passionate who likes sticking to one place, invest in an Xbox headset that works optimally with the single platform. This will not only save in your time and money and also let you have benefit of some good features.

Should I go for Wired or Wireless?

This is another most common question that seems to be haunting the minds of Xbox shoppers and the confusion is quite inevitable.

If you want to keep away from the hassles of long wire cables and connections, invest in a wireless headset. Though, they would be comparatively expensive yet it will save you from the extra overhead. Though, one thing you need to be aware of while going in for a wireless headset is the maintenance for extra gear and weight that tends to come in with an internal battery that is absent in case of a wired headset.Be it Xbox one or PS4 both have their inbuilt jacks within the controller eliminating the need for cable. Though, the audio sound is limited to being stereo which might change with software upgradations in future.

However, if you can cope with the cables and are limited on the budget, we would recommend in going for wired Xbox headsets. You will get ample of options for the price you pay plus there would be an external battery slot saving power and money. Coming to the most important parameter that is pricing, a wired headset would cost something about $100 while the wireless headset will range from 100 to 300$ depending upon the features you go for.



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