Efficient and Reliable Data Center Services in India for Assured Web Presence


The most striking feature of data center services in India is the wide spectrum of services and ability of designing tailored hosting plans that can match specific requirements of different verticals of industries from India as well as other countries.

On must try to gain as much knowledge as possible about the different service categories offered by Indian hosting industry before choosing the best option. Therefore this overview of hosting solutions may help you understand services offered by reputed Indian data centers.

On-premise data centers

If you have the support of in-house technical manpower, space, and funds to support the huge capital as well as operating costs, then internal data center could be the right choice.

In-house data center obviates or restricts involvement of third party service providers. In India the trend of running in-house data centers is sharply declining due to the huge costs and technical complexities involved in maintaining such facilities. However, some of the very big organizations an companies operating in the domain of IT have such facilities to look after their IT infrastructure needs.

Data center colocation

This kind of arrangement is almost a mirror image of in-house data center. Colocation service providers offer space, cooling, power, and bandwidth to position clients’ servers. The space for server can be offered by combining full, quarter, or half cabinets and cages.

Clients can use colocation facilities for keeping their equipment at remote facilities that can be accessed by the in-house technical personnel at any time. Most of the colocation providers can offer choice of connectivity providers and are therefore known as carrier neutral facilities.

Managed hosting solutions

It is the most convenient hosting solution that frees the clients from all responsibilities of server operations. Managed services also support customers with administrative and technical support to run their hosting operations. You can also choose managed hosting for database management, disaster recovery, storage solutions, and so forth.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular hosting type due to the convenience and economy of hosting offered to clients. Customers of shared hosting are sharing one server and its resources for operating their individual websites. Clients of shared hosting share server’s disk space, RAM, and all applications that are running on the single physical server. Many companies find this arrangement as an ideal entry level hosting for businesses that are not sure of their hosting needs.

Dedicated server hosting

You can get an exclusive support of a single physical server that provides a complete control on server configuration and access to its resources with no interference of any other accounts.

Such an arrangement is the most sought after with organizations that need to maintain privacy of hosting operations. Many companies choose dedicated server hosting for running mission critical applications that involve handling of sensitive data.


You need to find the right hosting service provider that owns and operates Tier III data centers and assures minimum 99.99 percent network connectivity for consistent availability of your applications. In addition to the main types of hosting services that are explained earlier, you can also find domain hosting and cloud hosting services to cater to varied demands of clients.


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