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We often find many men, women, and kids of the present generation are all the time hooked to their phones. In the present generation, phones have become smarter than people have and make people glued to it. Most of the mobile phones have the ability to access to social media sites, check email messages, entertainment sites, games stores, and many more. Due to all these features people often spend their 50% of time working on phones. People are that addicted to the phones that per surveys most of them pull up their phones to check messages, emails, or social media updates for every 15 – 20 minutes. With the development of addiction towards the phones, engineers and app developers started the development ofmany applications, whichcan be installedeasily on phones. All kinds of applications are available from games to cookery shows, entertainment to social media and many more. The applications are available based on the type of operating system on the phones. Few are available free and few needs payment depends on the application. 9apps is one of the android-based application stores that have developed for the free installation of all types of applications.

Benefits to have 9 apps:

9 apps is a type of applications store through which the applications can be installed easily. It is an alternative to the Google play store for the android phones. It has vast library of all media, music, entertainment, social media, news, games, and many more applications.Through 9 apps, one can install all the applications that might require payment through Google play store free of cost. The applications installed through 9 apps are secure and malware free. The app developers ensures that the apps installed through 9apps are secure and do not have any malwares that might hack the phone. All the applications are pre-scanned and checked for all types of software-based malwaresprior it is uploaded to the 9 apps store by the app developers. All the apps available with this store are of high quality applications. The applications downloaded with this store provides high downloading speed and do not require hours to download. The 9 apps android application store is easy to install on any version of phone with android operating system. It occupies very less space comparative to other application stores. It just takes 2.5 MB of overall storage space for installation. The application store is very versatile to use and do not require adept skills to work with the 9 apps store. The library of the 9 apps store have more than 200k applications that can be downloaded for free and for few which are not available for free can use a promotional coupons for those apps and can be downloaded for free. It does not require any other media or download manager to download the apps from its library. 9 apps has its own integrated download manager that makes the applications download faster and easier. With 9 apps, one can enjoy the applications free and make effective use of it.


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