How to hire the right AdWords agency


Finding the right AdWords agency is indeed a tedious task. You cannot just bring onboard an agency that has, in the past, carried out a few AdWords campaigns and are proud of doing so. Chances are you may have already shortlisted a few popular agencies after having done a good amount of research. But, there are a few questions you would want your agency to answer before you make the final deal. Here are some of them.

Have they carried out successful AdWords campaigns in the past?

Remember, you will be putting in a good amount of money to run the campaign, and you would not want a newbie agency to treat your campaign as an experimental one. It is recommended that you inquire about their history in dealing with AdWords campaigns. How well did the campaigns do? Do they have all the necessary expertise to help you get the desired leads out of your AdWords campaigns? Answers to these questions will make your selection process a lot simple.

How big is the agency?

In the present times, it is not that difficult to set up an agency. All it takes is one single person with all the required AdWords skills. But, that’s not a type of agency you would choose. You obviously would want an agency with a good number of resources, so that if the individual managing your account is on holiday, someone else can replace him/her and run the campaign without an interruption alongside monitoring your AdWords campaign.

What does your agency expertise in?

Most of the ad agencies claim to offer a 360° advertising service, which covers almost everything, right from building your website from scratch to optimising it for the search engines. Other services would include, app development, social media marketing, PPC and so on. Some agencies would confidently talk about the PPC services they offer and how good they are in running a successful AdWords campaign. But, in reality, PPC may be only one of the services they offer once in a while. So, let your focus be on finding an agency that is in fact known as a PPC specialist, with a good number of AdWords experts onboard.

What KPIs do they use?

When it comes to highlighting the Key Performance Indicators, most of the agencies would only talk about the number of clicks, the number of impressions and probably the position where your ad stands. However, an expert agency will talk about all of the above factors including the volume of conversions, cost per actions and, above all, the profit.

Have they worked on a similar account before?

Although this may not be the most important factor to take into consideration, it cannot be entirely ruled out. Find out if the agency you intend to choose has worked on a similar brand as yours. If they have, it means they have a right amount of experience in dealing with brands like yours.


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