Magento: An Awesome Platform For Ecommerce Sites


A large portion of an online store’s success depends on the platform on which it is built. Studies suggest that Magento performs the best for ecommerce sites. Here is a list of reasons why Magento is the right ecommerce software.

  • Magento is an open-source, full-featured and flexible ecommerce software which is suits all kinds of enterprises. It facilitates hundreds of customization options through Magento community extensions or 3rd party extensions. For developing unique extensions for your business, you can hire Magento developers.
  • The range of in-built customization options available enables more scalability, flexibility and user-friendliness of your site.
  • Magento is a cost-effective platform compared to a majority of its counterparts which require monthly subscriptions. Other than its open source version, there is also the Magento Enterprise Edition which comes for a price, but has tremendous potential to support a robust and expanded ecommerce site.
  • With Magento platform, you can choose your website’s layout either from Magento’s collection or from a third-party; and customize it extensively to get a unique design.
  • Amazing shopping carts with high user-friendliness including secured payment choices and smooth checkout procedure can be built with Magento. This enables better revenue generation.
  • Some of the outstanding product management features of Magento are its easy import and export, perfect inventory maintenance, etc. Further, storefront customizations such as product photo zoom-in ability, fixing special pricing choice, etc are also possible.
  • Magento platform also provides for order management features including shipping orders, managing transactions, extending credit, issuing invoice, etc.
  • SEO mechanisms and page optimization methods can be incorporated using Magento extensions in order to usher better site traffic, and boost page ranking.
  • Magento has several in-built marketing features for offering discounts, promotional offers, free shipping, special pricing, etc. You can maximize your marketing opportunities with these.
  • Magento offers different customer service functions as well. You can send purchasing histories to your customers, track current orders, etc with those.
  • You can make use of Google Analytics by integrating with it. Regularly you can generate detailed reports of your sales. These will help you to get forward in a statistically informed manner.
  • Multiple Magento stores owned by a single owner can be operated via a single account. This facilitates fast and easy online store management.
  • Technically Magento offers numerous resources and options for designing, developing and installing an e-store. This makes it attractive for both the developers and the entrepreneurs.
  • Magento offers a flexible framework. If you find the in-built features of this platform insufficient, you can launch a 3rd party’s extension in your site.
  • Magento comes with the option of using any preferred web hosting service. It is not a must that you should take only the Magento servers for web hosting.
  • The mother company constantly keeps upgrading Magento maintain it among the top 10 ecommerce platforms. Because of this, different useful extensions are regularly added to your site to keep you advanced.

All the above mentioned attractive features make Magento an awesome platform for ecommerce sites.


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