Samsung Galaxy S9 is an outstanding smartphone


Samsung Galaxy S8 And Edge is shining in the market, but it is not enough for Samsung. Now, aims are set for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 edge.

The Galaxy S7 Edge has rounded edges of smartphones are likely to be just as good to scratch, as is the case with the Galaxy S7. However, is not very visible and do not spoil the appearance of the device. You can doubt the design flaws for the latest Galaxy.

Perhaps, in terms of aesthetics, most news will not suffer from minor scratches, but on a dirty glass. Alas, in this respect, improvements over the Galaxy S7 not. The new models are immediately covered with prints and require constant wiping. Yeah, it is difficult now to manufacturers constantly, from one year to improve the technical specifications of their devices. This is particularly evident in the example displays. The screens in smartphones have long been a miracle as good and offer something new in this area is not easy for Galaxy S9.

The Samsung last year decided on a desperate experiment, arching display Galaxy S7 edge. We embraced innovation skeptical, but the market we have adjusted – to the surprise of even the producer, namely edge enjoyed unexpectedly high demand. Hence, the need for such “chips” is. Galaxy S8 Matrix, special equipment to our naked eyes, is identical to the display in last year’s flagship. Here, the same 5.1-inch, 1440 × 2560 pixels and AMOLED technology. As mentioned above, the diagonal Galaxy S8 edge increased from 5.1 to 5.5 inches, the other specifications are not changed. This is still a high-end screen, with incredibly high precision, beautiful picture and sufficient brightness for all situations. May be new advancements in Galaxy S9 set new records in display configuration.

The most interesting thing in the new shell TouchWiz for Galaxy S9 is always on mode. Remember how it is in the old phones with monochrome display? On the small screen always displays the time, information on the network, signal strength, and more. Finally, smart phones returned to a useful “trick” and can now also show the underlying data on a locked device.

On the screen is off can “float” the calendar, one of the three available images or hours. In our view, the latter mode is the most useful. The watch can add a background image, also has seven display styles. In addition to the actual time you will be the date the information on the battery charge, missed calls and messages. Let’s cross our fingers for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9.


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