Ways in Which Facebook has changed Retail Trend


Facebook in the recent past become a go- to channel for the advertisers who directly sell their physical items with the more direct response type products and the ever-increasing robust international user base. Subscription services, fashion retailers, and flash scale sites all have a significant presence on the site.

  • Engagement

It is approximated that Facebook has 1.2 billion users in a month and that an average user spends a minimum of six hours on the Facebook site. By having a captive audience, most retailers are known to have done their best with the aim of engaging with both their clients and potential customers.

Facebook enables its retailers to communicate with customers in an informal manner by giving a voice to their brands. For example, Electricals specialist Ao.com with 1.43 followers is known to use Facebook as one of its greatest sales tools.

  • Integrating and Using Data

The Facebook retail trends analysis Open Graph – the footprint that is responsible for connections that most Facebook users produce whenever they interact with their friends and online contents have made it possible for retailers such as eBay to bring together marketing ideas for a specific audience. Though there are users who are not comfortable with the use of their data, Facebook will remain to be a free platform. The retailers are now able to integrate their Facebook pages data with their available databases hence allowing them to get in touch with their clients in an efficient and faster means.

Facebook has also made a claim that most of its advertisers on its website can measure offline sales that are driven by its campaigns on the network. The marketers can upload the hashed data and analyze anonymous information.

  • Drive Traffic

Most retailers use Facebook to drive traffic to their sites. For example, in the United States, Facebook managed to drive 5.32% of traffic to the best 500 retailer websites over the Christmas period. Social media is also considered the third biggest source for driving traffic to retail websites behind shopping sites and search engines. However, the retailers using Facebook have not managed to make the social media more appealing for their customers to transact on. Some retailers have closed their Facebook transactional stores due to weak demand.

  • Targeting New Customers

Facebook retailers have managed to utilize the network to attract new customers. For example, the group House of Fraser managed to team up with the National Union of Students hence started offering a 10% student discount on any Facebook user who likes the retailer.

  • Marketing

Burberry is considered to be one of the most efficient and effective retailers when it comes to using Facebook as a marketing tool. Burberry, a luxury retailer who has 17 million followers on social media, preserves 60% of its ad budget to digital marketing.

  • Instagram

Facebook managed to acquire the Instagram photo-sharing app back in 2012. Several retailers especially in fashion to help drive traffic and advertise collections have used the application.


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