Why is Apple the world’s most treasured brand?

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The secret of Apple’s gigantic success lies in its strategy of doing business simply but effectively, and always improving on its own track record.

Year after year, Apple continues to top the charts for being one of the most trusted brands in the world. Apple’s runaway success as the pioneer in phone tech is an inspiring story in itself, but it rightly recognises that the key to success lies not in doing the same things over and over again, but in doing different things to achieve different results.

It is safe to say that there are few brands with Apple’s daring and tenacity in modern communications tech. It pioneered the creation of the world’s first super slim laptops. It created a watch that did everything except make your morning coffee. It made mobile phones so cool that acquiring one became the in thing. Along the way, it has had notable successes and some failures, but the brand stands strong in people’s minds. Quite simply, it is the world’s most treasured brand.

What makes Apple so special?

It’s not easy to decode the Apple success puzzle at your first try. The company’s overwhelming success in the personal electronics space can be attributed to:

Constant evolution. The brand improves its products and services constantly, and customers can see this growth over a period of time.

Best bang for the buck. Even though Apple products are priced much more than other comparable ones, customers are willing to fork out the money without batting an eye. This happens because Apple has created products that are superior in every possible way, from their design to their performance. An Apple product is for life!

Clever positioning. Apple has positioned itself quite cleverly in the customer psyche: it is exclusive enough to not appeal to every single phone user, but not snobbish in the least. If the iPhone were a person, it would be that slightly out-of-your-league gorgeous nerd who could explain Schrodinger’s theory through a stunning canvas painting, but who could also whip up a delicious tea cake in minutes. Apple has taken care to be in a place that has a deep emotional connect with its customers, while hinting at status acquisition that comes with being an Apple fan.

Excellence at every touchpoint. Apple has set up service centres in the markets where it retails its products, making it easier for customers to get access to Apple products in their country. These centres have everything – you could walk into the Apple store, and browse through the products, or get your iPad looked over, or even pick out a cool new accessory. The company prides itself on superior customer service and offering products that enhance customers’ lives – the ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign encapsulated this spirit brilliantly.

Have you experienced the wonders of Apple yet? Walk into the nearest Apple service centre and get started on your Apple journey!


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