2 Reasons to Start Using a Customer Link Shortener


Do you do digital advertising for products on social media? If you do, we recommend you start using link shortening software.

It’s one of the least used tools in the online market. Yet, it’s one of the most useful. And its uses improve the efficiency of your online branding.

Below, we’ll mention reasons why you should start using one. And specifically, we’ll focus on how a custom link shortener can aid your affiliate marketing…

(1) Suitable for Mobile Marketing.

Link shortening tools are excellent for customers who use mobile phones. And ever since smartphones became a thing, this has become an important factor…

Statistics vary on smartphone consumption, but most present a 40-60% rate of use. In other words, close to ½ the people in the world use smartphones for the internet.

So your advertising has to be mobile friendly. And so do your links.

You can’t have long links in a mobile advertisement. And with prevailing mobile use, you can’t have long links in any advertisement!

By using a custom link shortener, you place better looking links in mobile ads. And you can garner more clicks, with visually appealing advertising.

(2) Analytics Tracking.

Tracking links is important in any advertisement.

You want to know which ads work, and which do not. You want to differentiate between ads with high click rates, and ones with nil.

A good link shortening tool lets you track analytics. And it lets you do so from a single panel too, saving you the hassle of checking different ones…

Also, analytics help you check for broken links. And amending broken links is important, because this can affect your SEO.

Google likes to lower the rankings on pages that have broken links. So you need a good notification system for broken links.

But beyond broken links, a link shortening tool helps you test the effectiveness of your advertising.

Link Shortening Tools Saves Money.

A cheap URL shortener is what you need.

It’s cost effective to use a URL shortening tool. You won’t waste too much on advertising. And you won’t throw away money on trial and error attempts.

Essentially, link shortening boosts the accuracy of you tracking. It is more appealing for everyday smartphone users. And it also respects the design of your ads.

Whether you be a pro digital marketer or regular business owner, a cheap URL shortener should be part of your toolbox!


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