5 E-Commerce Web Design Trends That Will Dominate in 2018


Launching an e-commerce website doesn’t mean you will be successful overnight or the next day. Keeping all the advertising and marketing efforts aside, you need to consider a few more things or say trends while designing an e-commerce store. Doing so will help keep your online store up-to-date, fit the new web requirements, and most importantly – satisfy your customers’ needs.

With the help of an expert web design team, you can be sure of getting services as per the latest trends and technologies. Even if you are doing it on your own or letting experts do the job, you should know what’s dominating your target market to make the most of your efforts. Here are five latest e-commerce web design trends that will continue to rule 2018. Have a look:

  1. Voice User Interface (VUI)

Also known as Voice-Activated Interface, VUI is an interface where the user can take actions by communicating with virtual assistants like Ok Google, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri. These VUIs are already personalized to interact with their devices via vocal commands. The trend is expected to dominate the e-commerce market too! While it would be over-exaggeration to say you will see voice-activated shopping portals sometime soon, the trend is something to look out for and use as much as possible in 2018 and the coming years.

  1. Mobile Responsive Web Design and App

Over the past few years, the concept of mobile-friendly web design and mobile apps has gained immense popularity. Interestingly, the trend is expected to keep on increasing in 2018 and future. Given that, no e-commerce site owner should neglect this point. To become a successful seller in 2018, you must update your existing website to mobile responsive. It will allow you to enter the major group of mobile users and let them shop from your online portal. With a bit more cost spent, you can expand your market from the desktops users to mobile consumers. Also, creating a dedicated mobile app is additionally recommended.

  1. Video Content

The demand for video content has been ever-increasing from the last few years. In 2018, video content is in trend and always been in demand after the launch of YouTube. When you know it why not use some tutorials and tips & tricks videos on your online store? Why shouldn’t you use product demonstrations and professionally shot videos to show your products better than merely some paragraphs of text stuffed with keywords!

  1. Navigation and Speed

Speed matters and it matters more than you think! If your site loads in delayed time, your users will leave and probably never come back. Make sure your e-commerce website stacks speedily and visitors don’t find trouble accessing it. Other than speed, the navigation panel is something you need to consider. The present audience is busy, multitasking, and has less patience. To grab their confidence and fetch more leads, you need to keep the navigation as simple and clear as possible, not mentioning it should be appealing.

  1. Use Microinteractions

Have you seen Facebook notifications for the incoming messages? They are great to engage the users and keep them glued to the platform even when they aren’t actually using it! Microinteractions encourage the users to interact with you in real time. The concept helps vividly to form habit loops in your visitors and customers. To keep them motivated, you can reward your customers for doing so. Using animations and engaging graphics is another good idea to keep the process enjoyable.

If you are new to the concept of web design and e-commerce, you can look for Web design in Auckland for help. In any case, keep these popular trends in mind the next time you decide to launch or redesign your e-commerce store.



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