5 Ways to Track Business Reputation Online Like a Pro


Entrepreneurs have finally understood the fact that in today’s digital landscape anyone can influence their business reputation on different web directories, social media channels, and other online platforms.

There is no doubt that the reputation of a brand is the key element for the success of a business and its survival. But it requires proper planning and the knowledge of advanced ORM tools to manage and control what others are saying about the business on the cyberspace.

There are 2 different ways of managing business reputation online. Firstly, you can consider using ORM software like Review Trackers, RepCheckup, etc. However, they can also monitor their brand reputation online manually. Check out the 5 tips and come to know how you can monitor brand reputation manually.

Monitor Online Directories and Review Sites

To manage brand reputation, businesses are always suggested to check every online review sites and directories (where their business has been listed) at a regular interval. No need to panic if you find negative reviews on your profile. If you know the art of replying back as a diplomat then you will find a way to protect the image of your brand easily.

Pay Attention to Your Social Media Brand Accounts

Business needs to understand the fact that social media optimization does not only mean posting new content on social media profiles. Experienced social media executives know the fact that social media accounts can be used as a marketing channel as well as an organic tool for managing brand reputation. So, it is always suggested o pay close attention what your social media friends and followers are saying about your services or products on your brand page. Let that be a positive or negative review, but do not hesitate to respond to the customer accordingly and modestly.

Convert Happy Customers into Reviewers

One of the most important parts of reputation management is to generate more and more positive reviews on popular web directories and review site. So it is always suggested to ask your happy customers to write an honest review about your business on directory sites like Yelp, Google My Business etc.

Make Full Use of Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the best notification service and content change detection tool from the house of leading search engine company, Google. This tool helps businesses to track business standing without using any reputation software. Launched in 2003, the tool is continuing to help business to manage business reputation online for years.

Check the Profile of Your Partners before Expanding Your Business

Partnership with others is an amazing way to increase business exposure. It not only cut marketing cost and other expenditure but also allows business to enjoy the cross promotion. But if you failed to check the reputation of your partner before the alliance then chances are high that his negative image can also ruin the performance of your business.

So these are the 5 ways through which you can track business reputation like a pro marketer. For any related question regarding this feel free to use the comment box below.


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