6 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Law Firms by SEO Agency


Having a search engine optimized website for law firms or lawyer is essential, but easier said than done. An SEO agency is going to be of great help here. Website is, no doubt, the first to succeed and have internal marketing presence. However, to get considerable leads and phone calls from clients, a law firm website needs to have good amount of traffic. Along with direct traffic, referral traffic is also a critical source of traffic. All this is possible only when proper search engine optimization strategies are implemented. Here are some tips from Toronto search engine optimization to help you achieve good organic search engine ranking.

  • Keyword research and selection

Determining the most appropriate set of keywords is the smartest and most important step for a law firm website optimization. Let your SEO agency find a better keyword strategy to use refined keywords and make it more specific to help get you appropriate traffic.

  • Check out the amount of competition for the selected keyword

Once you have determined the keywords you want to have for your website ranking, it is advisable to check the competition that keyword is going to give you. Search those same keywords on Google and see about other websites which already rank.

  • Ensure mobile friendly website

Nowadays maximum people use their smartphones and other mobile devices to search for anything online. This means it is vital to have a mobile friendly website which loads quickly and is designed to be compatible with smartphones. Your SEO agency will help you create one and optimize it as well. Another point is that Google is not making rank improvements for the websites which are not mobile friendly. So, if you take into account this aspect, you will be doubly benefited.

  • Align your home page with primary keywords

Make it certain that the primary elements on the home page of your website are aligned with selected keywords. Along with this, well optimized content and image as well as optimized H1, title tag and meta description should also be taken care of.

  • Pay attention to website pages

Make sure your web pages have specific keywordsbecause the search engines award higher rankings to those websites which provide relevant information about that keyword. So, consult with your SEO agency that while creating the content it makes sure that the content is informative and relevant surrounding the keyword. Just keep in mind that the content plays a very important role in improving your law firm SEO.

  • Track your keyword ranking

Once you have found out the keyword, created the content and web pages, it is important that you check whether the keyword is performing properly or not. Making use of the keyword ranking tool, you can find whether the set of keywords is working well for your website or not.

Ranking on search engines take time. So, if you do not see improvement right away, do not get impatient. Search engine sometimes take a little bit of time to catch on to the search engine optimization efforts of your SEO agency.


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