7 Features to Look for in a Messaging Application


A lot of youngsters are inquisitive and always want to try out the latest application for their smartphones. People are addicted to most of the instant messaging applications for its functional interface that makes chatting easier. You can simply open an instant messaging application, like KIK online, type your message, and chat about anything you want. They are also a simple yet effective alternative to email services or other texting services.

There are a lot of instant messaging applications and you can’t use everything all at once. But how do you choose a good messenger application? There are certain features to look for while installing an instant messaging application. Here’s a list of features that you need to look out for while downloading any messaging app:

  1. Live typing– Using this feature, you can easily get to know if the person on the other side is typing a response or not. If you’re expecting an instant reply this feature will let you know if the other person is typing a reply. You also get to see the time of delivery of your message, whether it was read by the person, or if they are online and still didn’t read your text.
  2. Instant Notifications– When you send or receive any message, you need to get notified if the message was delivered, just like the regular text messaging service. If you are browsing through other application, the messenger application should show a drop-down, or show some icon on the notification bar whenever you get a new text message. You should also be able to customize your notification sounds and vibration settings.
  3. Invite new friends– Your messenger app should be able to send invites to new friends by text, email, or even through social media. Whenever a contact of yours joins the instant messaging service your app should be able to recognize the user from your contacts.
  4. Option to send multimedia messages– You wouldn’t always send text messages to your friends. Sometimes you might come across some funny, informational, or even important messages in some other multimedia format, like videos, audios, or images. Make sure your messenger application allows sharing of multimedia messages for free.
  5. Video or audio calling– Many latest instant messaging applications allows you to make free, real-time video or voice calling. One of the messenger services called KIK messenger lets people make video calls and voice calls through their application and all this happens through KIK online, you need not pay any additional fee for video calling.
  6. Customization of profiles and chats– You will have your own username and password for your messaging app and it should allow you to customize your details and profile photos whenever you want. Sometimes you would like to change the background of the chat page for a few special friends, make sure the application you wish to install also allows chat page customization.
  7. Group chats and blocking options– See to that you’re messenger app allows group chatting so that you stay connected to more people through a single chat page. It should also have an option to block any unwanted user from contacting you.


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