Advantages of PRO version of Coming soon and Maintenance mode plug-in over the Free Version



When it comes to keeping your visitors occupied in your website during the pre-launching phase or repairing time, there’s nothing more helpful than WP Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Plugin. This plug-in not only buys you enough time to work on your website to make it proper before presenting to the world, but also keep up the positive vibes and interest in your visitors. You don’t need to do all the hard work of making and designing codes for the pages anymore. Once you install the WP plugin, the rest will be done automatically within a few minutes.

Just have a look at the features of the Free Version

Features of Free Version:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Supports every version of WordPress.
  • Capable of disabling plug-in for some IPs.
  • Responses actively.
  • The pages are customizable as per your wish.
  • You can custom logo, background color, cover image, fonts etc.
  • You can use the WP post editor for messages.
  • Ready for any social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus.
  • Capable to open social websites with new windows.
  • Supports and works with SEO.
  • Capable of setting Meta description and keywords.
  • Capable to enable/disable search engines.
  • Works with CSS3.
  • It’s examined with popular WP themes.
  • Gives you a user-friendly back-end.

Now just see how the PRO version brings in more advantages than the free one.

Features of Pro Version:

  • Stunning background slider.
  • Beautiful video background (YouTube purpose, not supported in mobile devices).
  • It has functional subscribe form.
  • Gives you a nice countdown.
  • It has 39 interesting animation effects for all elements.
  • Capable of setting animation waiting time for all elements.
  • Capable to mark and eliminate specific pages and posts.
  • It has function enabled to hide countdown. Also, it has an automatic disabling system of maintenance mode when the setup countdown time is over.
  • You can customize a lot of things as you wish, such as – countdown position (left, middle or right), gaping from top, text color, border width, background color, font size, border radius, size, content position, transparency, font family, logo position, max width, max height, title color, distance from top, message position and its distance from top etc.
  • It has a Subscribe form.
  • Capable to change and set Subscribe form texts, position, distance from the top, font size, font family.
  • Capable of changing input border color and radius.
  • Capable to change placeholder text color, send button background color, input field text color, send button text color, after submitting text color.
  • Capable to send Email notifications to the subscribed users.
  • You can mute/unmute any video with this plugin.
  • Capable to set messages.
  • Capable to customize the progress bar – its percentage, width, gaping from top, position, loading, border (color, width, radius).
  • Capable to customize social buttons –upload your own images, set its position and everything related.
  • It has built-in 31 fonts for title, link to admin, countdown, subscribe from texts.


The PRO version of the WP Coming soon, maintenance and under construction plug-in enables you to get attractive pages for your website to keep your visitors busy. Its customizability and supportive themes work well with every WP plugin smoothly.


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