Android phone’s Pixel density will be way ahead of even the iPhone 9


The density of pixels, respectively, will remain the same in the next iPhone 9 Plus. Will the flagship for Android flaunt enhanced picture clarity, in front of Apple’s mediocre 401 ppi. This is a good indicator, but the same features and now there is much more cheap smartphones, and why pay more?

Apple says that the new iPhone a display with extended color gamut (the space of DCI-P3, in cinemas), which was 25% brighter than the old iPhone 8s Plus. The difference, however, is difficult to feel. But if you do not compare and do not think about the price, the screen iPhone 9 Plus excellent quality. He has a very accurate color, large supply of brightness, high-quality anti-glare filter, high sensitivity and good oleo phobic coating on the glass 2,5D. iPhone 9 Plus is equipped with a new quad-core A10 Fusion, clocked at 2.34 GHz. The device 3 GB of RAM and storage at 32, 128 or 256 GB. The test sample, 23 GB of 32 GB was available after the smartphone. Of course, this is not enough for the active use of the device – the memory is fading away, if a lot of pictures, but even more so to shoot video.

iPhone 9 Plus works very quickly, all programs “fly.” But sometimes iOS 10 surprises strange twitch in the Settings menu. The same effect occurs when switching the menu of running applications. Yes, it happens very rarely, but because of Apple expect perfectly tuned system. Smartphone easy to digest any performance tests, giving impressive numbers in benchmarks. Intensive applications for it, too, is not an obstacle, as well as video playback or loading pages in Safari. With all the games from our test set iPhone 9 Plus handled “perfectly well”. The iPhone 9 Plus there is a headphone jack, you want to listen to music – get used to the new features. For the lowly there EarPods headphones, complete with remote control, microphone jack and Lightning at the end. Audiogurmany buy themselves of Bluetooth-headset, getting rid of the wires. And for everyone else in the box is a white adapter with Lightning 3.5 mm unaesthetic, but it’s free – a violation of Apple paradoxical ideology. However, the adapter is difficult: it is embedded in the DAC, it works with a remote control, so in a couple of all old accessories work with it.


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