Buying Guide of a Video Game Platform


Even if consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch dominate the market and make lots of gamers dream, it is possible to choose another platform for your video games. The good thing is that manufacturers propose now more and more possibilities. We have set up this guide to help you choose the perfect platform according to your needs, preferences and budget.

Select a Game Platform Depending on your Favorite Games

The first parameter to be taken into account is the type of video games you like to play the most. The vast majority of action games are only available on consoles with a wide variety of titles. High end consoles are also compatible with the latest titles which are often more sophisticated, developed and appreciated by inveterate gamers. All sports video games are also better left to consoles

On the other hand, strategy, simulation and real time strategy games are popular on PC because they need the use of the keyboard and the mouse. Age of Mythology, Command & Conquer Series, and Age of Empires are, for instance, very played by computers’ owners. Many of them even say that first person shooters or FPS games are better on the PC than on a console. They just purchase the perfect accessories like a gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse to make the best of it. A gaming headset is also essential to play that kind of video game. Some even use a Nahimic audio software with the finest 3D Sound technology to enjoy a better quality of sound during play-games.

Which Game Platform is the Most Durable?

So far, computers have way better lifespans than video game consoles. In addition, as soon as the next generation appears, the other models get less interesting. By the way, Microsoft’s Xbox One X is considered as the most technologically advanced console while Sony’s PS4 Pro remains the bestselling of the latest consoles throughout the world at this time.

For its part, PC offers the possibility to upgrade hardware without replacing the whole platform. The technic requires specific expertise but it is still more practical than purchasing a new machine just to be able to play the newest versions of your favorite titles. Plus, games for consoles from previous generations sometimes do not work with next generation console. With computers, you can be sure that if a game is playable with your current platform, it will be the case with your next PC if you plan to buy a new one.

Purchase a Game Platform According to your Budget

Define the right budget for the purchase of your future game platform. To do so, know that if you just want to play video games, a console is recommended because a computer is more expensive. And if you already have a PC, lots of famous games are compatible with your machine. So, if your aim is to buy a game platform just to play games, opt for a console. The prices varies depending on the brand and the generation of the console itself.


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