Cloud Computing: A Game Changer


In the last few years, the advances in technology have brought a lot of changes in the traditional computing environment. Cloud has attended the attraction of people with the innovative works performed on it. Recently a product named Alexa created by the Amazon capable of outstanding voice assistance feature has gained a lot of popularity. It delivers the APIs and other modules to implement the feature in various applications.

Most of the business owners are migrating towards cloud to serve their customers in more better and reliable way. Cloud avails with software, platform, infrastructure, memory features as a service over the internet. These services can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. The only requirement is any compatible device with proper internet connectivity and access to your cloud account.

Cloud has provided a golden opportunity for new businesses to grow and deliver their best to end users. In a traditional environment, it was a complicated task to create a machine to manage your computational work as it requires a lot of investment in physical and networking resources.

Computing Resources:

But with the introduction of cloud, it has become easy to configure your machine which is now just a few click task. You need to select the Availability zone (AZ)  to develop the machine on the cloud. AZ in cloud points towards a region where all the physical devices are set up by the vendors. Service providers spend a massive amount on providing security and maintenance to this place. Choosing the nearest AZ can get you the faster delivery and performance result over the network.

Various machine images such as Ubuntu, Redhat, Microsoft with their specifications are available to choose the machine type for your application. Depending upon your requirements you can add any number of virtual CPUs and specified RAM for faster processing of your machine. The security groups for managing your firewall to open or close connection are responsible for establishing the HTTPs, sFTP or other protocol based connections. Creating you machine on the cloud can help you with its extraordinary features.


1). Cost Effective- The services and solutions offered by the cloud providers are not very expensive as you’ll only pay for what you used.

2). Scalability-  The cloud presents a scalable environment with its auto-scaling feature to serve machines. It automatically scales up and down resources in your machine depending upon the overall traffic on the network. In case of low traffic, it removes resources saving your extra resource uses cost.

3). Remote Access- The main reason behind the cloud’s popularity is its incredible feature of remote access. One can access services from anywhere and anytime.

4). Backup and Recovery- The data stored on the cloud is cloned at various location for providing the better service to the customers. One can recover their sensitive data in case of any accidental damage as without data an organisation cannot deliver their services to consumers.

5). Geographical Reach- One can promote or approach customers at any geographic location worldwide,  depending upon the target audience for your business.

Cloud has created considerable opportunities in past few years. Big companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft are marking golden services for the users. One can develop or design a small website to advanced artificial intelligence based application over cloud without spending time on buying or configuring resources. Advanced platforms like Lex, Polly, IoT core, has reduced the extra effort for developing ML-based applications such as programmed chatbot, face or voice recognition software etc.  Various companies on the web are offering aws developer training for the beginners and professionals to help them to stand stable in this dynamic world. Their modules are designed by cloud expertise to present the best experience with practical and theoretical knowledge.


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