Cool features with QuickBooks Hosting services for your Desktop Enterprise


When using QuickBooks Hosting it is certain that you have the convenience of working from your own location. It offers users with a whole new element that can be added to their business. Hosted QuickBooks offers with maximum protection to clients data such that they can access it from any location, at any convenient time and on their selected devices.

Benefits to your team

One main advantage for your team is that they all can access the same data or information at anytime or even at the same time from different locations. It does not make any difference if you are using Mac or IOS or any device (PC or LapTop) or even a tablet, it is possible for you to access your data securely.

  • Your team mates can now manage business that are international and from any virtual location.
  • Team can also access information and database from more than one location at the same time.
  • It also offers with convenience where your team can collaborate all data under the same accounting system.

Added features

  • Access not restricted – QuickBooks Hosting offer you with open access for your files such that you are just not restricted to your desktop or laptop. As this big volume of data is stored in a cloud space so you can always access it anytime and from any device. This means that same data can be shared between offices in different global locations.
  • Everyone can share– It is certain that multiple people and professionals can share the same data at the same time. This means that in your organization, your manager and your accountant can discuss on the same file or data at the same time.
  • Multiple device access– This offers convenience for anyone to access data even if he or she does not have access to desk top or lap top. QuickBooks hosting provide you with convenience to share the same data with your clients and mates on multiple devices including palm tops and smart phones.

Additional features

With Hosted QuickBooks services you get other important features including excellent software that offers with no restrictions for users. Apart from this they also offer you with excellent security for your data such that you don’t have to worry about it being misused. The process of setup and getting started is also very much simplified so even if you are novice you may find setup only takes a few minutes once you have made your selection of enrollment plan.


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