Do you want a simple app to fetch video of your choice?


The entertainment is also one of the requirements of people in this age of stressful life. Thanks to the smartphone that offered a platform where one can listen to songs and watch videos with the help of the apps and the internet. Many times people love to watch videos in their free time and love some of them that they want to have on the device. Videos are available on many platforms such as social media sites and some platforms which are specifically created for the videos only, but all of them are not much useful. These options also have certain limitations that frustrate the user when one wants to download the same on his device.

Why download the video?

Every user does not have much time to watch the video as and when he wants. Some people have limited time, and sometimes it happens that one wants to watch the video, but the connection of the internet is not available or have poor connectivity. In such a situation, one can watch only those videos which are available on the device and not on the sites. To avoid such a situation, users want to download different videos. However, the platforms where these videos are available do not provide the facility of downloading the same. Even if one downloads a video, it can be saved on the cloud of the platform only and not on the device. In such a case, one needs to have the support of an app which can fetch the video from the concerned platform.

The app:

Though the market has many apps that claim successful download of various videos but only a few of them are genuine. One such app is vidmate, which can be trusted for this use. It is an app which is capable of pulling the video from any platform. However, here, one must take note of the fact that it is not available on the play store, and one needs to get the same from its website, which is 9apps. There are ample benefits of using this app, and that is why the user base of the same is getting increased with the passage of the time.

Download the app:

The app can be downloaded with the help of the link provided on the site. The user can get the app in a few minutes after clicking on the link. The app is safe to be used on the smartphone, and hence, the user does not need to worry about the safety of the device. After downloading the app, it gets installed. The app is ready to use once the installation is completed. The user needs to have the link of the video and paste it in the given space. Once the button download is clicked, the app will get the video from the platform where it is present. Hence getting the video from any platform is not difficult for modern users due to the help of such an effective app.


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