Easy Help Guide To Clean Your Washing Machine For Storing It Properly


Every household uses washing machine these days. There are two types of washing machines available in the market, the top load and the front load. While top loading washing machines are the most common type of washing machine found in most of the household, front load is the best that you can get.

Due to their innumerable benefits, front load was mainly used for the commercial purposes in laundries.  The front loader washing machine opens on the front and uses energy efficiently. However, the front load washing machine needs proper care and maintenance before storage.

Here are few useful tips for using your washing machine later:

Drain it completely

Unlike top loaders, front loaders cannot be drained completely after usages. This is because the drainage pipe is in the latter section of the machine located at the side. With this design, some water get collected inside the washer. While the water accumulates over a period of time, you will get a foul smell later. This foul smell is the sign that mold is building up within the tumbler.

To avoid such situation, you need it drain it completely. Most of the Whirlpool models comes with a separate option of drainage control systems. You can use them or if your model do not have the option you have to do it manually with a cloth and dry it in open air. Sure it seems like work, but it will help you in future. You always get fresh and clean clothes.

Dry it – let the moisture go

Make it a habit to leave the washing door open for some time after you have completed your chores. This is because after washing and even after draining it some moisture is bound to leave behind. Trapped moisture can be a disaster to the washing machine as it attracts formation of molds and mildew.

Use machine based detergent

The kind of detergent you are using is obviously important for the longevity of the machine. There are detergent available for front and top load. The front load detergent comes with less suds and usually contain less fragrance. They have higher concentration of fabric softener along with the detergent, which mixes with the water smoothly and the mixture becomes thicker. As a result, while you drain the thicker liquid carries itself away without leaving much deposits.

Keep the drain pump filter clean

This part is one of the most important part of the front loads as it does all the dirty work. The filter sucks in all the dirt and debris from the clothes. As the water gets accumulated with the dirt, fungi and bacteria start forming. At times, you can also notice rust within the filter.

It is usually located at the bottom of the machine and can be cleaned by pulling it out after wash. You can either put it in a bucket or clean it manually. Frequently cleaning the filter will also smoothen the washing process.


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