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A website is the central location of the various web page, which can be contained with images and all types of multimedia files for internet user and also connect to the World Wide Web. In this modern period have a website is common for every business owner or who want to share useful information on the web. Anyone can build own website and connect to the world. For the visitor, it matters the lots how your website performed on the internet. If a website takes time to load then anyone who visits your site leaves your site and move to another one. Speed is one of the most important factors for your website. This plays the very important role for any kind of website.

Why Speed Matters For your Website?

Today’s time no one has much time to wait for to load time more than 1 or 2 seconds. If take more time user will leave your website and move to another site. Slow website speed is also bad for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Slow speed make your website rank on search engine. I don’t want that your hard work on the website will go waste only because of slow loading time of your site. I am here to discuss you some points by which you can speed up your website. By making your website speed fast with Hostgator you can increase your website growth, traffic and attract your visitor easily.

Here are some steps by which you can speed up your website

  1. Improve Your Hosting Plan

One of the easiest way to for speeding up your website. If you are using shared website plan then it is best for those who are new on the web. When your website contains lots of pages, Images, Content and grows on the search engine then its speed slows down. It better to move on with VPS or Dedicated Hosting plan. Hostgator Coupon helps you to find the best web hosting plans at money saving price.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Plugins

The Plugin you add requires resources to run and more resources mean a slower site. Then it better to delete or deactivate which are not in use. By removing unnecessary Plugin you can improve your site loading time and easily speed up your website. Switch off all plugin which you don’t use.

  1. Minimize HTTP Requests

Too many HTTP requests can slow down your website. HTTP means “Hypertext Transfer Protocol” which means your device sends a request for some files which and the server sends the back response which you are searching for. There are some points to minimize HTTP request.

Reduce redirects, which create additional HTTP requests to your server and increase your page load time.

  • Combine CSS, JS scripts and HTML files together.
  • Reduce the number of elements on every web page.
  • Install a caching plugin.
  • Use CSS instead of images whenever possible.
  1. Size Image before Loading Time

If your image is Un-Optimize then it uses lots of resources and takes lots of time to load. So optimize your image before uploading them.

  • Cropping the picture: when cropping, you are cutting out unneeded areas and thus making the image smaller in size
  • Changing the resolution: reducing the “quality” of the image (and thereby the file size)
  • Compressing the picture: increasing the efficiency of image data storage
  1. Make use of CDN (Content Delivery Network)

This is very fast network all around the world. CDN helps to deliver web content to the user according to their geographic location. If you are using CDN then you can save bandwidth and improve your page loading and website speed. If you have the large website and contain lots of traffic then you must use CDN which gives you lots of benefits You can easily store your JS files, CSS files, Image, and other uploaded files like video or PDF on CDN. Some common CDN includes MAXCDN, CloudFlare and Amazon CloudFront.

Last Words

Hope so above points will helps you to improve website speed. Hostgator Coupon Codes will help you to fulfill your all needs for a website. With Hostgator, you will get full support which never makes you let down. Make your website speed fast and also put a good impression on the visitor with Hostgator Discount Coupons.

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