Email Hosting In 2018: What You Need To Know


 Email hosting is the very old technique that exists in the market for a longer period of time. Most of the users utilize this type of Email hosts, but on the other hand, there are some users who are not aware of it. As they rely on free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, Yandex, Zoho and more. If we talk about professional and businesses they opt for email hosting because of its effect their business. If you are planning to buy Email hosting in 2018 then check key points of Email hosting.

Reasons to opt for Email hosting:-

A business email hosting increases your brand value and credibility as you use your brand name in the email address. Users will also trust and increase the awareness of your businesses. It is suggested to opt for cheap web hosting India to get best email hosting services. Below mentioned are the benefits of using Email hosting:-

1) Communication is made more professional:-

If you are approaching new customers or sending a business proposal through email accounts that will not sound good or professional nor it will create the impact. However, utilizing business emails will make business communication more professional and it is more worth to create the impact on the users.

2) Cost effective:-

You must be thinking that using a free mail service is more cost-effective as compared to paid mail service. But the paid email account costs nothing in comparison to the advantages you experience after using it. When you start using paid mail service, then you will understand the value of money in terms of output. We at MilesWeb, offer Zimbra Email Hosting starting at Rs. 325 mo/-. Do check our plans and get best as per your requirement.

3) Storage space:-

Customized storage space is offered by most of the service providers. You opt for any plan as per your requirement.

4) White-Label email hosting:-

It is the most useful type of solution for the businesses who want to hide their parent provider. This is because it allows you to use your own logo and allow to use your own name in the emails.


Things to look for in Email Hosting services in 2018

  • Important Protocols:-

Before selecting an email hosting company you should check the features of plans to know whether they are offering services like IMAP/POP and SMTP access. IMAP and POP are the protocols that are used to access emails. Additionally, IMAP is good protocol since it allows accessing emails through multiple devices. Whereas in POP, emails are downloaded to the device and server copy is removed, this leads to only one device to access the emails received. Last but not least SMTP is needed for delivery of emails.

  • Security:-

Get an email hosting service provider that offers virus protection and firewall features.  Get Spam Expert for your website. To know more in detail check video:-

  • Email filtering:-

It is unique as compared to spam filtering. An email filtering allows you manage or segregate your emails as per your requirement. Moreover, it also permits to sort emails as you receive them or vice versa.

  • Customer service:-

If you are the newbie then setting up and maintaining an email server could be a tough call for you. When you are managing your server by yourself,  then you do not want to face glitches, right!! At that time, you can contact your email hosting customer support to clear query. In short, you should get 24*7*365 days support.

  • Other features:-

Some companies offer extra features for security like Codeguard, Spam Expert, Backup, Email forwarding, auto-responders and webmail.

Is it better to use Enterprise versions of free Email services?

If you do not want to follow the tedious process of managing and maintaining your own email servers, then you can opt for the free versions of email services. By doing this, you can opt for changing the email address to one that bears your domain name without any hazels of setting the server.

There are multiple email hosting services available on the market that offers best email services at affordable cost.  They also offer a proper solution to your query and support is available for 24*7*365 days. However, your one move can grow your business to another level of success.

Author Bio:- A passionate Digital Marketing Expert and Content Writer working with MilesWeb. I am passionate about writing blogs related to information technology and Digital Marketing. In my free time, I love to watch news channels and hang around social networking sites. If you are interested in knowing more about Windows hosting than visit: Windows hosting india


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