Enjoy the Aerial View through Smartphone Using JJRC H12WH Drone


Are you a drone enthusiast? Then you surely come across a JJRC drone. JJRC is the best toy drones manufacturer and produced some most affordable drones, which currently available in the market. Those products are not only good in specifications but also packed with some great and useful features. Among many JJRC products, JJRC H12WH drone is one of the best. The biggest advantage of this model over its previous one is the barometric air-pressure sensor. Those who want to play and take photos/videos from the air can use this. It provides a fantastic aerial view through your Smartphone so that you will have lots of fun.

A quick summary of JJRC H12WH:

H12WH comes with a first person view (FPV) camera and also have many useful sets of features along with different altitude holder. In the H12 series of JJRC, it is a third generation model.  It offers a standard camera image quality. Control range of the drone is an astonishing three hundred meters as you expected from a JJRC drone. Regarding the design, there are not many changes when compared with the JJRC H12C.

The Wi-Fi antenna on the camera left side only indicates that you are dealing with an FPV quadcopter. However, the package of a drone is complete and includes the phone holder and micro-SD card, reader. Even though powered by a 750mAH battery, the drone has about eight minutes of flight autonomy.

Features of JJRC H12WH:

This quadcopter comes with 2.0MP HD camera and 3D rolling functions, which gives high quality and durable performance. Apart from this, there is a 2.4GHz frequency, more accurate operation, RC distance and more sensible response. You can switch the transmitter freely between mode 1 and 2. Therefore, four powerful operation modes fit into different player’s mode. It also included two sorts of left-hand accelerators and right-hand accelerators.

Along with this, headless turn mode is very easy to enter or exist so that you can play tricks with this drone. It also has the ability of fly smoothly at the height which the player sets using the set-height mode. Moreover, the real time transmission function lets you to0 enjoy the aerial view simply by your Smartphone. Hence, it is very easier for operation as well as the Aerial Photography.  H12WH is one of the best choices for those who want to enjoy more flying joys.

Additionally, the drone has colorful and bright LED lights that can ensure an amazing flying for you even at night. With the one-key course reversal built-in positioning system, the quadcopter can memorize the position where you are taking off and go back to the same position while landing required.  To experience cool flying play, it gives a 360-degree Eversion function. There is an emergency stop function to stop rotating in the necessary time to ensure safety.


Overall, H12WH is a much capable FPV flyer for both beginners and experts. It is very easy to learn and practice the drone. Moreover, it is highly affordable and one of the most sought features in the marketplace. If you are really looking for an FPV drone with the best features, then you can go with this model.


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