Get Ranking Boost for your website by switching to HTTPS


Google is a Giant that rules the web in today’s digital world. Well, to kick start there can be many reasons why one shall start using HTTPS secure feature for their website. One that is prominent is for enhanced security; another that should not be ignored is to boost SEO rankings.  Let’s get into the detailed understanding of HTTPS, HTTP, SEO impact by HTTPS and like…


Google announced that it will mark a flag to the websites that are not secure or those who do not secure HTTPS feature to their web pages. This announcement also said that now every website should have secure SSL certificate to maintain its credibility on the web. This announcement by Google clearly indicated that the websites which are not secure by SSL and HTTPS will not get a rank boost. This, on the other hand also stated that the websites that do not have SSL certificate and HTTPS will be ranked on the lower pages on Google. Google says that this will also strengthen the website’s trustworthiness on the web, in turn, building more prospects for potential customers. However, it will not be an instant move or high in the rankings. This will gradually impact the SEO of the website.

Another Google recommendation that has come up recently is that the webmasters are now confused on how to switch from Http to Https and how this will actually impact the site’s SEO. In all honesty of this update, it will not impact the onsite SEO in a straight line but instead, it will strengthen the website’s URL, which will slowly boost the rankings in the search results.

So the next question that pops-up the mind of the webmaster or the website owner is that what will get if I shift to HTTPS or why shall I move to HTTPS? Let’s clear it:

Google gives us several reasons to migrate your website to HTTPS; some that are prudent are given here. What happens is that the data sent via using HTTPS is basically secured via TLS – Transport Layer Security protocol. This TLS layer offers three-layer protections to your website. First is the encryption! Here the data that is transmitted to prevent your site from eavesdroppers and is secured thoroughly. This means when a person is using the website or browsing no one can steal the information or the conversation executed on the website. There is no chance of being tracked or information getting stole. Second is the data integrity! With HTTPS, data cannot be altered or tempered in the process of getting transferred, voluntarily or intentionally. For this data detection is important but with HTTPS data is secured. Last is the authentication! This is directly linked with your customer’s trust and faith in your website. HTTPS proves that your customers are safe as there are no threats of a middle man hacking your website. This eventually helps in increasing trust levels and boosting business.

Before moving further get a better understanding and difference of HTTP and HTTPS

HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol is a mechanism for transferring and getting the data or information from all over the web. To simply put, HTTP is an application layer protocol whose main aim is to transfer the information to the user but it actually do not tell us of monitor how this information is transferred from Point A to Point B. HTTP is used basically for the html pages access, where most of the websites who does not use confidential information or any other private log in forms and like.

HTTPS is the Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol that has this “S” for security. This secure feature is developed to permit trusted source of information and routes to the website and is developed with the best secured connections that are authorized by Certificate Authority – CA. In order to avoid malicious activities and unauthorized exchange of information, HTTPS should be used.

How do I know when to switch to HTTPS for site’s SEO boost?

For so many years Google has been answering this question to the webmasters and the website owners that there is no harm in switching to HTTPS from HTTP because it is good for you and your website’s rankings.  Here, Google also indicates that it is quite important to proper actions and follows some steps in order to get a good boost in rankings and a sound SEO impact. Breaking this conversation into one sentence will be like – Go for SSL certificate installation on your website, get HTTPS feature to make  good rankings on the search results.

How can it be done? Migrating your website to HTTPS immediately will not help in boosting the ranking and give a greater impact on SEO; rather this process will take a little time by following good SEO practices and keeping updated with the SSL certificates on the timely basis. Use accurate use of keywords, understand the competition, use good SEO practices, and follow all procedures of SSL certificate installation and more.  This will help Google to offer secure browsing experience to your users eventually boosting search result rankings.

Google is facing a concern, what’s it? Despite the repetitive announcements for switching to HTTPS from HTTP many website owners are not taking it seriously, this is resulting in the increasing number of spam/blacklisted websites or low-quality sites, but the whole point is that they should immediately start switching their websites to HTTPS. This will amplify credibility of your website and the site URL will add a juice behind it, which will result in higher ranking.

What all you need when you switch to HTTPS for better SEO impact?

You need SSL certificate, i.e your web server should support SSL certification or encryption. Choose an appropriate SSL certificate from any third-party provider according to your requirement. Single Domain SSL would be enough to protect small websites/blog and you should get Wildcard SSL if you have multiple subdomains. Only businesses can obtain EV SSL certificate that helps to enable fancy Green Address bar. Moreover, a unique IP address is also required that will certify your secure SSL connection and will issue a valid SSL certificate. It is okay even if you Buy Cheap SSL but it is mandatory, so don’t miss on it. Post this setting up your SSL certificate takes place then, in the end, you shift your website to HTTPS. This migration will give your URL a green padlock or secure lock sign, ensuring all your information transmitted is safe and secure.

The last section of this article is the impact of HTTPS on search result rankings of your website and this is when your SEO is great and HTTPS secure. Before wrap-up take a look at some SEO benefits which the website will encounter gradually. These are – increased search result rankings, secure referral information and enhanced security of information.

Final Thoughts: HTTPS is the future of the websites and SEO in today’s internet world. It is not only good to have HTTPS but it has several other benefits mentioned above for your customers and for the website. Considering the future of what Google will do to the websites that have HTTP we highly recommend migrating the site to HTTPS, as soon as possible!



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