Here’s A Few Realities Why A Responsive Site Useful For Website Design Enhancement


A responsive website design means the ability of the web page to reform themselves depending on which device they are viewed. This is an assurance that whether they are displayed on a phone view, tablet and desktop view, the website is still user-friendly. But talking about responsive website and SEO, we will discuss why a responsive website is good for SEO.

Google loves responsive website.

If you’re an SEO specialist, the first thing that you must do is to impress Google. Google is the top search engine used online, and it loves responsive website designs. It makes a responsive web designed website at the top of the search results, especially for mobile optimized sites.

It is known that a big percentage of online searches are done through mobiles. And if a website is mobile-optimized, it is more favored. Don’t forget using landing page. A website design is useless if you don’t use the right design for your landing page in Online Marketing For Doctors since it’s the one that encourage your visitors to take specific action.

Combats high bounce rate

The bounce rate is best controlled by a responsive website design. Even if your website is at top search results, it doesn’t work properly with a tablet and mobile users, bounce rate will be an issue. If your page content is not relatively similar from the content on the site, you’ll suffer from a high bounce rate.

Google will interpret that your website is not offering relevant content that will make you drop in ranking.

A responsive website combats the high bounce rate in a useful way by presenting a relevant content found in desktop site. The RDW ensures the visitors that they will always receive the information they are looking for, which will keep them on your page.

Enhanced user experience

The website is a way of sharing content. When you have a user-friendly website, it will make your visitors absorb, find and able to pass on the content. Furthermore, a responsive website places importance on designing for users. Having an enhanced user experience is a big factor in SEO. It also makes sense that Google is promoting the developers to practice RWD.

If the site’s visitor was viewed via the tablet or mobile, they could easily view the content like as desktop users. RDW will adjust the size of your website to fit in screens where they’re viewed.

One website for one URL

Some people think that building a separate mobile website is more beneficial compared to this. In some cases, building a separate mobile version for your website will work well. But if your website features a lot of content, having a RDW version will be more convenient.

There’s no risk of having duplicates.

In not creating a consolidated responsive web design, it doesn’t necessarily means that you need to develop two unique sites for two mediums. If you’ll do that, you’ll release duplicate contents for the same service or product.

Right now, running same exact pages more than one in different ways is a tough task. It is not even recommended to do since it possesses inherent risk of uploading the incorrect version. You might even update one of the version and forgot to do the same with the other one, resulting to a mismatch.

For, it will enable them to maintain their backlinks. This only means that they can focus on one site. All of their links can be directed to one domain which will give them a boost in SERPs (Search Engine Responsive Pages).


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