History Clean – Advance Evidence Cleaning Software Review


Incognito is a well-known concept where users consider they are not being tracked as their history is not being recorded. But depending only on this fact is not safe at all. Consider yourself working in a place where you are the creative manager and browsing multiple options is key to your success. What you do is entirely your research and another employee shouldn’t be able to replicate your expertise in any given condition. Hence, at back end, your data is being recorded either by the internet service provider or the company you work for. Since neither incognito nor the normal browsing is reliable, you can get third party software that can remove all your past records.

In addition, your creativity diminishes once you become a victim of data threat or even if you have such fear. We’ve heard many cases where people who were great at thinking out of the box suddenly went down the hill as they weren’t too careful and lost everything they once created. Hence, don’t be a fool in thinking your activities aren’t being recorded because they are. To eliminate this threat, try getting a history cleaning software that best suits your interest.

To help our readers, we researched History Clean, software developed by Newsoftwares.net.

History Clean Compatibility:

History clean so far seems to be compatible on Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera and more. It also supports third party software history cleaning and file/folder shredding. As mentioned above, whether you browse banking sites or surf the internet for pleasure, your information can be taken out on and off the net. The device you use (PC/laptop) is a recording machine where whatever you do, whatever you type, whatever you see, or anything you filled can be made easily available to anyone. It does not involve any rocket science as knowing what you already know is quite easy.

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A survey was conducted where the results stated that more than 50% of the privacy breaches resulted from an inside job which means, the people you work around aren’t exactly who they claim to be.

History Clean Features:

  • Windows history

It removes all traces of windows usage.

  • Internet history:

It removes history of your internet browsing and is compatible to multiple browsers.

  • Privacy protector:

While you share your PC with someone, your privacy would be intact.

  • Custom cleaning:

You can delete specific data which is directly related to your browsing and windows history.

  • Browsers:

A single click is able to protect multiple browsers.

  • Schedule cleaning:

Set a specific point in time to clean browsing and windows related history.

The concept we liked the most is that your tracks are not only detected but are shredded so that these records can never be recovered even with recovery software. It also remembers your preferences what to keep and what to delete to ensure your experience doesn’t get affected.

Over to You!

Overall, this software performed well as per our expectations but still needs improvements in the user interface. It does what it says but it hasn’t seen an update in the recent years due to which we faced some bugs at our end. Hence, it fulfills its promise of getting rid of all that you no longer need but there is still room for improvements.


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