Hosted PBX –Why It’s Right for You


If you’re starting a small business or want to change the way that your business communicates with your customers, you may want to look into getting a private branch exchange or PBX phone system. The PBX system is a voice over internet protocol or VoIP system, but it supported by a major phone company, which means you can count on clear and reliable service on a regular basis. Hosted PBX also allows you to use a number of amenities like call logs, voicemail and fax.

When you use hosted PBX, you’ll also able to utilize features like call routing and call switching. This will help you get customers to the right department in a short amount of time. There is also software that causes the phone system to run smoothly, and you can manage it all from your computer. You’ll have the choice in most cases to use a phone system that functions entirely on the internet or an integrated system that uses both VoIP and conventional features, depending on your company’s needs and the methods that your customers feel most comfortable with.

Chances are you’ve noticed how more companies are using hosted PBX to connect with their employees and customers. One of the main reasons for this is because VoIP provides several features that you can easily set up and maintain, even if you’re not that experienced when it comes to technology. The phone system works great for busy companies because the connection has virtually no interruptions, which means you’ll be understand customers clearly when they call with concerns of questions, and there’s less of a chance that customer calls will drop. You can also use the VoIP system in app form, which means that your team members can download the app onto their mobile devices and you can encourage clients to use the app as well. As you know, reliable communication is a must for your company, and when you have hosted PBX, you can send messages to your clients and team members via phone, email or app services with ease.

There are also some additional advantages to using hosted PBX, including the fact that you don’t have to schedule an appointment with a phone technician to have wires installed all over your business location. In just a few minutes, you can install your phone system, make sure that the system is working with all your devices, and start doing business from your computer, Smartphone or tablet. You can also get in touch with your team members even when you’re not in the office, or when your employees are traveling. With the VoIP system, customers can contact company associates and team members can interact with clients without having to be at their desks. This can improve your customer service rating, which boosts your reputation and can lead to more business.

If you think that hosted PBX is best for your company, speak with your phone provider to see if you can integrate VoIP into your communications system. Or, you can contact a few local VoIP companies to compare prices and services.


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