How to advertise better on Facebook


Reputation management company reviews is important since it is crucial to know just what is being said about you online. But negative reviews can hurt the bottom line of a business; on the other hand, knowing your weaknesses can help you work on them.

But make sure you have a prominent social media presence. This way when customers do have complaints, they go to your page and speak to you directly there. There are review sites also for people to leave negative reviews on. But some of these sites do not allow you to communicate with these people unless you are a subscriber.

If you do have social media such as Facebook, it is also good to have captivating imagery. A cover photo can say a lot about a company since it takes up a large part of the real estate yet a lot of companies waste this opportunity.

It should even serve a purpose for customers and represent your brand properly. There are some tips to follow to make sure you are taking full advantage of your cover photo. First you have to pick an objective for it and not just a background with a logo on top of it. Whatever your business goals, you can use the cover photo to help you achieve it. Some companies have used the photo to promote new products.

Instead of wasting the real estate, they can even add a call to action by adding a button on there.

There is actually a funny quote out there stating that there are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and Facebook changing their layout. Almost always the cover photo layout gets changed. This is why you should always make sure you are using proper dimensions.

Even though I mentioned about how you shouldn’t just slap a logo on a background, it should appear somewhere in the image. So you should always stay on brand with your cover image. The colors you chose for your website and logo should remain the same across all your assets. This way that particular color scheme can even remind customers about your brand and be top of mind.

Obviously the fonts and typefaces you go with should even be consistent with everything else as well. Depending on what industry you are competing in should appeal to the target audience you are looking to market to.

Once you have figured out all that, tie it in together with your Facebook profile picture to create a seamless page.


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