How to Increase Laptop Performance without Ram


In this Instruct able I will demonstrate to you a couple tips to make your PC run a great deal speedier. The immense thing about this aide is that all that you’ll see is free! This can likewise advantage you in more routes than one. Every progression is a different approach to tidy up your PC. These are all awesome thoughts and I trust that you take an ideal opportunity to peruse them. In the event that you have any proposals for new themes, don’t hesitate to leave a remark and I’ll research it!

If you have a truly old PC, and in this manner a little hard drive, do everything that does not include introducing a project initially, and after that attempt the projects if your machine is still slow.

Step 1: Dust off and clean your Computer

Dust is a noteworthy enemy of pace on the off chance that you haven’t tidied it up in over a year. This can square channels, and keep air from coursing through the PC. It causes the machine to overheat. It additionally influences plate drives and can even square USB ports and interfaces. Tidy additionally goes about as a cover which can add to the warmth development. All the more vitally, clean can likewise bring about a short in circuit sheets and incorporated circuits making PCs crash and, at times, even burst into flames.

2. How to speed up a laptop or PC: switch to SSD

One of the most ideal approaches to restore a portable workstation or PC is to introduce a SSD. We’ve introduced advanced SSDs on everything from old Lenovo ThinkPad portable workstations to dusty old AMD desktop PCs, and the outcomes are constantly advantageous – boot times are a small amount of beforehand, and even the most parsimonious of processors feels all the more jaunty with a SSD working close by.

Step 3: Priority Updates

No working framework [Windows, Linux, Apple] is constantly finished, or consummate. Programmers work to overcome the working frameworks consistently, searching for new vulnerabilities. Every week, and now and again even once a day, certain “gaps” in the Operating System must be repaired or redesigned, to keep the programmers from softening up.

Windows Update is one of the approaches to ensure the windows client. It is, VERY, vital to the security of your PC to either set your PC to programmed upgrades [recommended] or visit the windows redesign program consistently.


Testing has been done by our team for Dell laptops and we make observe a positive result from the model Dell latitude 6420. There were some problems like driver errors, cache errors, etc. These errors are resolvable easily by download latest dell latitude 6420 drivers and updating the BIOS.


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