How to Make Sure an Online Job Application Form Does Its Job


Although online job applications have become more popular in recent years – results often vary. Online job applications tend to be easier, faster, and will get you more applicants – but if your actual job application form isn’t doing its job then you could run into issues.

The ‘job’ of the job application form is to ensure that you collect the information you require, and know enough about a candidate to make decisions as to whether to proceed further. To help make sure it does that, you should try to do the following:

  • Don’t require a repeat of information in the attached CV or resume

Typically candidates will attach their CV or resume (or both) to the job application form – and if that’s the case you shouldn’t require them to repeat information that is already on it, such as their employment history and qualifications. It should help you to shorten and simplify your form, making it easier to fill out.

  • Set questions that filter applicants

If you’re looking for a specific set of skills from candidates, you can set questions that filter applications. That way you can start thinning the herd more easily, or even automatically filter out candidates who aren’t qualified for the position that you’re advertising.

  • Design the form to be mobile-friendly

Considering a lot of people surf the net and look for jobs on mobile devices, the online job application form should be designed to be mobile-friendly. That encompasses several areas, but starting with a responsive design that will adapt to smaller screen sizes would be good.

By ensuring your form is mobile-friendly, you’ll make it easier for more applicants to fill it out – and it will appear more professional as well. Overall that should let you attract more candidates to your business.

  • Include open-ended questions

While many of the questions in your form will (and should) be very specific – you should try to include at least a couple of open-ended questions as well. These questions will let you assess the creativity of the candidate, their approach, and in some cases even provide insights regarding their personality.

If you feel it would be difficult to create the kind of employment application form described above – there are user-friendly platforms that you could try. For example you may want to use AidaForm to create an online job application form that is simple yet effective.

With the right approach you should have no trouble coming up with an online job application form that really does do its job – and does it well. That should let you enjoy the numerous benefits of online job applications, without having to worry that you aren’t capturing the right information by using them.


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