How to Prepare Your Phone For A Factory Reset.


A factory reset on your mobile phone is merely the process that restores your mobile device to what it was when it was manufactured. This means that all your photos, videos, and data that you have kept overtime will be permanently deleted, and there is no way you can retrieve it. There are many reasons why you would want to factory reset your phone. For instance, if you’re going to give away or sell your phone, the buyer has no business in your data, videos, and photos. Therefore you ought to permanently delete everything. Secondly, factory reset solves any malfunctioning issues.

Even though factory reset deletes everything on the phone permanently, you can always save your relevant data, photos, and video. It is simple, always ensure that you prepare your phone for a hard rest. Here is how to go about it.

Backup your data and settings.

The first step is to identify the files that are important to you and list them down. The data can range from videos, photos, messages, applications, documents, and contacts. After recording the files that you do not wish to delete, the next step is to back them up.  

There are numerous way and methods to back up your data. For instance, if you are an iPhone user, your data can be easily stored in the cloud. Android user can use google photos to back up their photos. Google photos according to your preferred settings may upload photos immediately you take pictures or when you connect to the internet or Wi-Fi. You can use google drive for music, videos and other different types of files. Simply navigate google drive application and upload the music you wish to keep. You can also backup your data manually by copying your phone files to a flash drive, hard drive, memory card or a computer.  

Encrypt your data

Even if you are sure that the hard reset on your phone will delete all the data and files it is important that you encrypt it. This means that whenever someone comes across your data, he or she will require to use a password to decrypt it to access the files.  

Factory reset your phone

Once you are sure that you have a copy of your files and data, you can now proceed to hard reset your mobile device. It is quite an easy process that you can do it on your own. However, for those who are not aware of how to go about it here is a straightforward procedure

  • Tap the setting icon and scroll to back up and reset
  • Tap on factory reset
  • Enter your password to confirm that you are the one formatting the phone

Restore your data

After you have sold your phone and acquired a new one, you are the one to decide when to restore your backed up data to your phone. You can always restore it anytime. Make sure that when you are restoring your data, you have enough storage and a proper network. Slow networks may cause the restoration to take long, and in the process, you might lose your important data. Lack of enough space may also result in the loss of some data.

In conclusion, this article shows you what to do in preparation for a factory reset. Following these tips will ensure that you have a successful reset of your device and backup of your important files, videos, photos text messages and so forth. Hardreset.Info have numerous tutorials for you to help you clear and erase all the data on your phone.  


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