How to Recover My Instagram Password


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, being perfect to share photos with an artistic touch and also enjoy the creative proposals of other users. The most normal thing is to enter our account from our phone and leave it always open, so we rarely write the password. Thus, some users end up forgetting it and when they have to enter their account from a computer or through a new phone they find that they do not remember it. Exactly that happens to you?, because in we help you solve this problem, discover how to recover your Instagram account by following some simple steps.

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 Steps to follow:

1).It is important that you understand that to recover your Instagram password there are basic data that you must remember, otherwise it will be impossible to do so. That’s why you have to know:

Your username on Instagram.

The email with which you opened the account.

The telephone number with which the account is associated, in case you have provided it. (Optional)

The email and password to access your Facebook, because if you have it associated with your Instagram account you can recover the password from there.

2).To start, go to the Instagram app, to login you will be asked for your username and password. At this moment you will have to click on the option “Have you forgotten it?” to begin the recovery process.

3).There are 3 ways to reset Instagram’s password:

With your username and the email you used to open the account, so it is important that you remember at least one of the two data.

Through SMS with the same number you used when opening your Instagram account.

Through your Instagram account, for this you must have the Instagram linked to Facebook otherwise it will not work.

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4).If you choose the first option, with your username and email, the system will take you to a screen like this one. You must choose the first option “Reset with email” , when you click on the system you will be asked to write your email or user and confirm the information.

A few seconds later you will receive in the email account associated with your Instagram a link that you must click to complete the process and reset your password, you must select a new code to enter your Instagram, it is convenient to choose a password that you can remember next time.

As simple and fast! If you know all the data you will not have any problem.

5)Another option is to retrieve your Instagram password through an SMS. By clicking on this alternative you must enter the phone number (with international code) with which you have associated your Instagram account. If all the data match you will receive in a few minutes through SMS the information you need to reset your access code.

As in the previous step, you will have to establish a new password to access your Instagram account in the future.

6)Another alternative is to restore the Intagram password through Facebook, but in order to do so it is essential that you have both accounts linked, otherwise it will be impossible to use this alternative. If you have both linked accounts then follow the instructions to complete the process.

7) It is also possible to retrieve your Instagram password from your computer, but in this case you will only have the option to do it through the email you have registered with.

To get it go to the Instagram website and click on the top right button “Enter”. After the system will ask you to enter your username and password, in this step you must select “Have you forgotten your password?”

8). Then you must enter the email you used to open the account or user name and complete the verification. The system will ask you to confirm that you wish to reset the password, by doing so a link will be sent to the email associated with the account through which you can complete the process.

9). By following these instructions and as long as you remember some basic facts, you will be able to recover your Instagram password successfully.

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