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A website’s business efficiency can mitigate severely if certain crucial strategies are not considered seriously. For instance, switching website’s domain name or executing HTTP can be a decent and ingenious business approach in this regard. But if you fail to implement these recommended strategies then you are certainly going to hamper your dream business intentionally.

You can avail the below mentioned SEO checklist for exploring variant migration techniques for your website.

  • Deliberately analyze whether migration is the decent option for your website.

A site migration causes a temporary contraction in an overall figure of traffic, and any search engine requires sufficient time to process the transition finally and refurbish its index appropriately. A precise strategy and its effective execution can alleviate traffic fluctuations to a great extent. And the best part is that variant search engines automatically treat the new website as if it is fresh.

The ultimate reality is that site migrations offers meager or no SEO advantage and do not wipe out search engine forfeit. This is the reason that different SEO’s rarely availed website migration as an option to make desired SEO advancements, for instance, centralizing the website system, identifying and mending damaged links, frequent content renovation and up gradation and integration of unnecessary pages.

Site migration is a worthy strategy in following circumstances:

  • When the relevant website needs to be switched to HTTP for attaining desired SEO advantage.
  • When migration will produce press and relevant links.
  • When a powerful rebranding is in order.

  • Decide to migrate finally during lethargic period of business

A well organized and analyzed migration strategy will not influence your traffic permanently, but you need to plan for a temporary plunge. It is tried and tested strategy to execute the migration during slow phase of the year, assuming that there is a few seasonality in relevant website’s efficiency and overall performance. A website migration prior or during the holidays is absolutely a wrong notion. The main focus should always be to maintain a maximum number of viewers. It is essential to keep in mind that the number of viewers is declined only during lethargic business periods and not during active business periods.  

  • Prior executing migration, carefully slither the desired website

Crawl desired website with techniques like Screaming frog and simultaneously make sure to save the crawl for future requirements. Make sure you have an entire list of relevant URLs on your old website so that because of changeover you do not lose anything and everything. Avail this as a tool to explore and find any crawl mistakes and instantly redirect which is already prevailing on the previous website. These have a general propensity to slither over time. In fact, total number of sites that do not possess any damaged or redirected links is very less. Also, you should immediately eradicate or permanently displace such links which indicate 404 pages during the procedure of migration.

Additionally, it is highly recommended, to update such links which point instantly to redirect pages, so that they ultimately take to the final page and after completing the procedure of migration you do not need to terminate with redirect chains. Also, keep this fact in mind that website crawl is not going to analyze every page on the relevant website. For instance, if your site possesses such pages that are not linked to other pages on the website, then they will not appear in crawl results.  

Instead, you need to view your databases and relevant records to explore those pages efficiently. And if this very tactics proves to be a failure then you can search these pages in your Google Analytics data, as well as through variant available link explorers like Ahrefs. And if you identify any unnecessary or stray pages then don’t forget to update your website and connect to these during the process of migration. These pages tend to catch very less or no search engine traffic, if they are not connected with rest of the website. For high-end SEO service, York SEO – Vision Smash is the best choice.

  • Precisely benchmark Google analytics

Diligently make a note of relevant Google analytics data as you will require these facts for immediately identifying a reduction in statistics of traffic after the procedure of migration. And in a situation of traffic reduction, you need to transfer the relevant Google analytics data from your new website and simultaneously compare with data from the previous website, so that you can accurately and quickly identify which pages of website lost the traffic.

  • Carefully outline all the switched URL’s from old to new

For doing this, you need a spreadsheet for listing every old and recent URLs. Generally, during the procedure of website migration all the previous pages of website tend to exist on the new website. And instantly deleting any page, automatically reduces its potential to attract search engine traffic. And removing a large number of pages during migration may cause search engine tools to assume that recent website is not like the previous website thereby leading to a tremendous decline in your search engine rankings.

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Author bio: Kylie Donovan is a popular blogger, and she has worked with many well-reputed SEO firms. In this post, she has mentioned about SEO checklist for exploring variant migration techniques for websites. She recommended Vision Smash to the readers for quality services.


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