Internet Startup Saving Money for Users in UAE


Managing our finances is one of the difficult tasks that we learn while we grow up, for shopaholics; it is more difficult as with so many attractive and distractive things to spend upon, it gets really difficult to decide where to spend and where to save.

In a country like UAE , which is among the hottest shopping destinations in the world, this Internet startup will definitely help you save your bucks on your online shopping and travel bookings.

YepOffers UAE

YepOffers UAE is that subsidiary for YepOffers which is dedicated to serve the people of UAE in saving their money on several products, services and fun activities. This startup has its tie ups with some of the most prominent and most trusted consumer brands. Apart from UAE, YepOffers is also available in more countries of Asia- Pacific, Europe and America.

 What Inspired YepOffers

The founders of the brand observed that people in UAE and throughout the world are showing more interest in buying things online. It saves their time as they can order their favorite products or services in just a few clicks. How exciting could it be to also give the facility where people could also save more money on their shopping?

This will definitely make the shopping more enjoyable and affordable and that’s the way how it should be. This idea soon became reality and YepOffers was initially live in a few countries. As time passed by, the brand decided to expand it to the Middle East and soon it started its operations in UAE and increased its customer base with more satisfied customers.

 What It Offers

YepOffers is an online discounts provider platform; it is one stop destination for all the consumer needs that are fond of online shopping and savings. The brand operates in 5+ countries and has a pool of latest and best discount coupons and offers. These vouchers and coupons fall under several product and services categories like Namshi Coupons, Souq Promo Codes along with several others.

These codes comes to use when a customer is shopping online and is in the final stage of payment, the genuine working coupon code available at the YepOffers UAE website needs to be applied at the promo code or coupon section of the payment getaway page. These codes are promotional codes and hence will reduce the price of the product or service that the customer is buying.

 What Makes YepOffers Unique

YepOffers is a fast online platform that hosts some of the major and customer preferred brands and stores in UAE, these brands and stores serves their customers with their elegant products and services. Customers have the liberty to save their hard earned money with any of these stores while making their online shopping or bookings. Customers can save their money on several product, services, and activities categories such as apparels, food, shoes, electronics, jewelry, travel bookings and many more. The codes available at the website are latest and working codes, these can be easily navigated on the website.


This internet startup is definitely saving both time and money for its users, online shopping is a growing trend and people are now saving more on their purchases through such websites. While the Internet is available to most of the countries, people should benefit from such sites for saving on their shopping.


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