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If you want your website to have large number visitors and converting them to customers/clients and you don’t know how to make people visit your site, go through what you have to offer etc. Then you are just wasting your money on having a site. Converting the visits to sales is not only the goal but to cap on people who would also just visit your site. You have to optimise your resources and find out what parts of the site they get hooked onto or linger around what images or links or videos that you might have put up. Visit for more knowhow.

There is a strategy, software and good team behind this. This can be done on home ground or outsourced. You really have to have the perspective of how you could improve on where the crowd would like to see more, you could make those key words and elaborate on them by using better images or videos. Grabbing attention is very difficult as people have so many other distractions, less time on their hands, there so many like you or similar to you in the web space that could opt something else.

What is web analytics?

It is analysing and also reporting by a measurement collection and accumulating web data for maximising the web usage.

Steps used for analysing data are

  • Accumulating data
  • Processing the data
  • Developing the key process indicators
  • Planning a online strategy

There are two kinds of web analytics

Offsite web analytics

Onsite web analytics

Where do they collect there data from

– direct HTTP request data source

– network and server level data source

– application level data source

– external data source

How the analysing is done

It is either by page tagging or log file analysis.

There are pros and cons of using either of them some of them are-

Web log analysis

  • The web server already has information and it need not work upon.
  • The company can change it programs over a period of time but it still can analyse historical data.
  • It helps to record activity by the search engine spider which cannot done by page tagging. This information helps for optimising the website.
  • It does not require external servers or DNS look ups or will there be any failed page views.
  • The web server diligently stores all the information of the documents and content generated.

Page tagging

  • The cache saved page are also counted and this is not possible by the above method.
  • Newer forms of scripts are used to tag on and this is making it more efficient.
  • You could also get other information from the client other than visit, also if they have made a purchase too.
  • Even the click of the mouse can be reported by page tagging.
  • Page tagging assigns cookies but to do this with the web log analysis the server has to be configured.
  • Page tagging is useful to those corporate who don’t have their own servers.
  • It has now become a standardised usage.


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