Is LG entering Premium Television Market


LG, Life’s Good, is the name which comes on every person’s name when it comes to Electronic Home Appliances. The reason being Quality Products and Quality Service. The name of  LG has Prevailed since the inception of Television and is now one of the leading Television Manufacturers.

About LG:

The company started by manufacturing TV locally in Korea. At that point of time plasma tubes were used inside television displays. The company was formed after the Korean war in the late 1950’s. They soon started exporting and became leading exporters in electronic Appliances at a global level.

Impact in the Television Market.

LG was facing competition in the market due to the entry of other brands. But it tore the market by Introducing OLED TVs. They introduced these TVs in early 2013 and captured a huge market share of Premium Television Segment.

OLED TV could now support 4k resolution and would provide a better color reproduction and brightness than the existing LED TVs. LG has also earned the title of ‘KING of TVs’ due to the introduction of OLED.

Importance of OLED :

the change which OLED has brought into the television industry cannot be underestimated. Basically OLED can also be called Organic LED. This technology allowed Television to operate individual Pixels to generate colors and shut the pixels off when it came to Black. Due to this LG introduced the world to ‘true black’ in televisions. Earlier in order to show black a backlight was put up to overpower the LED, But with OLED we could simply shut the pixels off where want Black colors, giving a much better looking and sharp picture.

LG’s winning strategy

Earlier LG had a strategy to face competition by playing in volume. But With the help of OLED it has chosen Premium TV segment to take the throne. It plans to capture a huge part of the premium TV section by bringing more variety and better Quality in the Premium TV market.

In the future most of the Televisions will be powered by OLED technology and LG has pioneered the way ahead in developing this technology to ensure their consumers get the best in the game experience. Soon everyone will not just have the best in class viewing experience in their homes, they will have it on their Mobile phones and across a large variety of touch devices to create a more interactive and engaging digital world.


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