Learn Why You Need to Reset WordPress Sites!


When you are testing new themes and its compatibility with your site, you have to go through a number of processes. There might be a need for importing and creating sample data to make your testing effective and realistic. Once you are done with it, there is no more need for the tested items. You probably want to get rid of it and do your best to remove them bit by bit. Instead of this process, you can reset WordPress and do it within a jiffy.

Apart from this, it might also happen that you employ new tactics from time to time and make changes to your WordPress site. Now, you want to remove the staging environment to get rid of surplus items. Rather than wiping them one by one, you can click on the WP reset plugin and build your website from scratch. In case you need a little time to build it appropriate for the users, you can use coming soon plugin and let your visitors know about maintenance work. No doubt, it comes handy in reaching your targeted audience.

So perhaps you get to know the reasons why you need to reset your WP site. In case you want to perform it, check out the following-

How to Reset WP Using a Plugin?

To perform the task, you have to log in to your site and navigate to Plugins. Now, search for WordPress Database Reset and hit the enter button. You have to install it and activate the same. Once you are done with the process, you can restore your WP to factory settings. However, it involves a few more steps where you have to select the setting that you don’t want to reset or else, you can go with complete database reset.

Remember that you might lose any data accidentally. To get rid of it, you must take the help of professionals and reset WordPress easily. With this approach, you remain protected from unexpected errors.

Features of WP reset plugin

  • It is a one-click site reset and the process is as easy as you read
  • WP reset plugin is WP-CLI compatible. It means you can observe the faster process.
  • If you require any support, you will get it from the developers for developers
  • Post resetting the WordPress, you can reactivate themes and data in a simple process

Today, you can find more than 50,000 developers use WP reset plugin because of these sophisticated features. If you want to make any changes in your website, you must consider it and proceed. Apart from this, there are other WordPress plugins that you can use according to your needs.


This is all about the resetting of WP site that makes it better. Please keep these things in mind and help in creating a responsive website. Not to mention, it is time-saving and also provides you with monetary benefits.

Remember that it is also useful when you want to refresh datasets or want to remove the old stuffs. So what are you waiting for?


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