LG G7 smartphone – High Class features yet cheaper price


The recent LG G6 smartphone has a non-removable battery 12.54 Wh (3300 mAh, 3.8 V). Also, now there is a water repellent – can it serve as a consolation? Additionally, In G6, there is a problem with the battery, this battery will last for approximately twenty-four hours of normal operation with a smartphone, well, or – with difficulty – in time at high load. Rumors about upcoming beast LG G7 suggest that there will be a facility of using the phone for long hours without consumption of much energy too early. The upcoming beast LG G7 will hit the shelves with Li-Ion 4000 mAh battery capacity that will last for about 2 days.

In our usual tests, implying HD-video playback at maximum brightness enabled wireless modules and active updates, LG G6 stayed about the same as its predecessor, with a display at a diagonal – a little more than eight hours. This is a good result. Hope, the upcoming flagship smartphone LG G7 will provide us an extra bonus in battery durability, reliability and capacity.

Since LG G6 runs on the Qualcomm platform, and with the company’s rapid charging (Quick-Charge 3.0), filling the entire battery in less than half an hour. It supports wireless charging using a special docking station – good news! But it concerns, unfortunately, US users only. In other countries, it will not. Hope, the upcoming LG G7 will work brilliantly in the whole world with its Quick-Charge 3.0 charger and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor.

The position of G6 as a unique of its kind, “one-handed” smartphone with a 5.7-inch display has knocked down followed immediately after its release for sale with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8, having exactly the same core chip. What else are the advantages of the very expensive (868.88USD), the flagship of LG? There is an Improved dual camera, in which a wide-angle module no longer looks so cut down; modest, but the original design – a smartphone is not similar to any of the competitors. Perhaps all! The rest is sort of self-evident: last year’s platform, moisture protection, which has almost all competitors. It is highly anticipated that the upcoming beast LG G7 will overcome these sorts of flaws.


Experiments LG continues – and this year, the feelings, they received the right direction. Instead of the controversial episodes with leather case (someone like it, some do not) and modules (initially it was clear that this is a step in the wrong direction) – a bet on a combination of small size body with a large display. Clan lovers’ small screens still recently declined sharply and include almost only Apple devotees, who were the first cry those six inches – that’s fine, as soon as the company from Cupertino will do something similar. The top of the brilliant news LG G7 is coming out with a bendable screen of size 5.8-inches.

As a result, the LG, it seems, once again released a very good and healthy-looking for a combination of quality smartphone, which even has a zest … and this again is not enough to shoot – recommend without thinking it would be desirable only in the future when G6 prices fall. And they certainly will fall very soon – with the flagship LG is always happening. The Same trend will follow by LG G7; expected to start price for LG G7 is 800 USD.

Via: LGG7D.com


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