Mobile Marketing Tips For Small Businesses


In the time when everyone is on mobile, the device comes with a huge potential of not just visibility but also monetary returns. In the race of reaching the million of users the device comes with, the traditional marketing paradigm has seen a major switch from once indirect channel to today’s highly personalized form.

When it comes to marketing, while big brands have the advantage of their name and huge marketing budget, more often than not small businesses end up taking a back seat in the visibility and reach game.

In this article, we will look into the ways small businesses can create a strong presence online with their mobile strategy while spending minimum amount.

Here are the ways your small business can make a place for itself among the top sharks in the mobile app development world with minimal investment.

  1. Make Website Responsive

If getting a mobile app developed is secondary in your list for now, start with making your website responsive. The number one reason behind this is that 80% of the internet users have today migrated from desktops to mobile.

By making your website according to mobile and tablet size, you will be able to extend your user base reach to thousands of new users.

There are a number of other benefits that are associated with making a website responsive for mobiles and tablets such as – Better SEO Ranking, Higher Conversion Rate, Lesser Maintenance Needs as compared to Mobile Apps, Improved Offline Viewing (With HTML5 Apps).

Making your website responsive is the first step to making your brand come on a million device. But, in case you have invested in mobile apps, here are the four ways you can reach greater number of users in the least possible time and at minimal cost to not run over your business’s budget.

Here they are –

  1. Make App ASO Ready

The beginning of all your mobile app marketing efforts should start with making your mobile app ASO friendly. App Store Optimization is all about making your app store search friendly. It can be done by using the right set of keywords and by using images – icons and screenshots – that adhere to the store guidelines and best explain your app’s purpose.

By using the right set of keywords, you would be able to ensure that your app is ranking on top in its category on both Play Store and App Store. By being visible to the users in the first drop down, the chances of downloads would automatically increase, without having to pay thousands in name of mobile marketing efforts.

  1. Offer Discount and Deals

This step usually follows when you have found a user base. Once you start seeing downloads and your app install rate is gradually increasing, start offering discounts and incentives to your users to not just keep using your app but also to share the mobile app with their friends and family to get further advantages.

The discount you offer can be of any type. You can offer free rides upon log in like what most of the taxi booking apps do or you can even give free lives or x amount of coins in your gaming app when the users share it with their friends. Irrespective of what category your app belong to, an offer is the easiest way to make users share your app and also keep coming back to it.

  1. Use Social Media

As a brand that is very new in the app industry, we understand how you would not have the privilege of variable marketing and promotion budget and it’s fine as most of the small and medium enterprises don’t. So, what should you do? What medium should you choose for promoting your app when on a very tight budget? The answer is Social Media.

There are a number of social media platforms in the market today that individually come with over million of users ergo a MASSIVE potential of making your app visible, increasing its chances at getting downloads and loyal users.

Depending on what app category your brand belongs to, you can choose to a completely entertainment related platform like Instagram or Snapchat or an entirely professional one like LinkedIn, or to be on the safe side and to avail the benefit that come attached with a mixed crowd, go with Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Localize

Another guaranteed benefit rendering method of mobile app marketing is investing in app localization. By ensuring that your app is designed and developed both in terms of language and culture to be understandable to a crowd of non english speakers, you will be able to take your app further from a restricted geographical boundary.

Since you are now in the app market, you will have to move away from the myth that apps are only used by native english speakers. In the present time, over 60% of the app market is covered by users who converse in Hindi, Urdu, and Mandarin. Localizing your app to get in sync with these languages and culture will guarantee your higher acceptance rate.

So, here were the five benefit guaranteeing low investment app marketing methods. All of these have been used by a number of brands who are new in the industry and are preparing to make their name in the market in a least investment-greater benefits equation. Do you know of any other such marketing method? Let us know.


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