Movavi Screen Recorder is your tool to download videos from websites easily

Movavi Screen Recorder

The web world is bustling with a number of awesome video and audio clips that we often love to save in our systems. But regular 3rd party software for downloads can create issues in your system while downloading from social media sites of YouTube. So, how to download a video from a website without damaging your computer? Well, if you ask the experts, they will usually recommend Movavi Screen Recorder. It’s a cutting edge software developed by internationally famous software developer Movavi and has received rave reviews from users and experts. Don’t worry the program will keep your computer safe no matter how many videos you download and is a breeze to use.

The post below offers a brief on how to download videos with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Step 1

The first task is to download & install Movavi Screen Recorder in your computer or laptop.

Step 2

Then, you have to set the capture area.

Go to the web page that’s streaming your video. Draw capture frame over the video manually. If you don’t want to draw manually, you can easily choose readymade capture frames from  Capture Area.

Step 3

Now, it’s time to record your video with the Movavi program.

Click on REC tab to start the recording process. Wait for 3 seconds to get ready. Once the video starts, click on Play to start the recording process. The Movavi Screen Recorder enables users to control the recording process with Pause, Stop and Cancel buttons. After you hit on the Stop tab, the recording will stop and video will be save automatically in MKV format.

There are even some shortcut keys to control the recording for both Windows and Mac users.

For Windows users:

F9 for resume or pause

F10 to stop the capture

For Mac users:

⌥ ⌘ 1 to pause or resume

⌥ ⌘ 2 to stop the recording

Step 4

This is where you will convert (optional) and save the recorded video.

Do you want the video in a separate format other than MKV? Well, Movavi Screen Recorder supports video conversion and you can easily convert the video in any format.

So, if you wish to convert, go to Save As and choose your preferred format. Now, click on Save. The video will be converted and saved in the specified format immediately.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Captures all kinds of live videos from computer screen
  • Ability to record video with audio from multiple sources
  • Supports all major media formats and able to convert recordings in any desired format without loss of quality
  • Comes with in-built timer for automatic recording

Useful tip for users

Movavi Screen Recorder even allows video editing just after recording. So, if you want to cut out an unwanted portion, the scissors icon will be handy.


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