New challenges faced by an ecommerce website development company in India


Ecommerce websites play a crucial role in doing business through the web. These are not ordinary websites that we see everywhere on the Internet. Ecommerce websites are meant to sell products to the online customers. Therefore, Ecommerce Website Development Company is the one that provides services regarding all-round growth of the site. An ecommerce website development company in India is responsible for the enhanced user experience of the sites’ customers.

But ecommerce website development is a complex process due to a host of challenges that the developers confront. Here are some of the things the developers ensure.

Responsive design

With the use of mobile devices increasing, ecommerce developers now have to create the sites that adapt well to the small screens of smart phones, tablets etc devices.  A larger portion of the traffic now comes from the mobile devices users. So, it is extremely crucial that your ecommerce website is well optimized for small screens of mobile.  The developers use tools such as Epi server CMS and Epi server ecommerce automatically converts a website into a responsive design.

Guest checkout supports

A feature of a modern ecommerce website development company in India is that these sites let people make direct purchasing without creating an account. Many sites still want customers to first go through the registration process to create an account with the site before making a purchase. While this helps the site to communicate with the loyal customers with new offers and helps also in analyzing sales, still many users do not like it. They just want to directly make the purchase. Ecommerce developers are creating the option to buy directly by clicking on the products.

Search functionality

Another challenge is that the website has the search functionality available to the users. They would like to search products from one page rather visiting every page manually. Features auto complete are useful in searching the products.  Similarly, faceted search is also helping in finding out products and narrows down the search in many ways such as size, price, department, and manufacturer.

Security issues

Ecommerce sites are where people provide give their personal details of credit cards, bank accounts, name, email and home addresses,  and phone number, etc. Therefore, an ecommerce website development company in India ensures that the websites support SSL. The SSL encrypts information of the customers to keep it secured in every way from possible theft.  The security aspect is also important to meet PCI compliance which makes credit card payments acceptable.

Quick load time

Best digital marketing agency face the tough challenge of reducing load time of the site. If the site takes more than 3 seconds to load, the potential customers will leave to the competitors’ sites. Mobile users specially want access to websites quickly as they often do multi-tasking.  To run a website smoothly, the developers combine CSS resource files into single files. They compress images to the smallest possible size, and use caching to decrease time spent on sending data between the data server and web server.

These may look as some basic development things but they are actually the challenges for ecommerce website developers because these issues are directly linked to the user experience. Some other issues faced by the developers include making shopping cart effective and Admin panel management.  A web developer has to ensure that not only a website is search engine optimization ready but it keeps product data well organized as well. The developers also have to target the content to a variety of users. But experienced ecommerce website developers are fully equipped technically to deal with these issues.


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