Questions to Ask Your Web Host Before Signing


Here you are having plans to build up your website. You already have details on its niche and the platform. It is high time now to let other people know about your site on the Internet. But before you can market it outright, you need to be aware of web hosting.

Picking the best web hosting for you is essential in creating your website. The functionalities of your page and the site depends on this one. To date, hosting providers are divided into two groups. One is the free hosts and the other one is the shared. There are thousands of web hosting companies around the net. It is difficult to narrow it down to one. Hence, here are questions to ask your web host before clicking that sign-up button.

Question 1: Does the web host provide support?

In the world of web hosting, support is very essential. There will come a time that your site might be down or when you get started with it you don’t know the ropes yet. This can be a tricky situation, especially for a non-technical person. The web host that you should be getting should provide round the clock phone, chat and electronic mail support. They must be present 24/7 and 365 days a year. They must also be able to promptly reply to your inquiries as time is crucial in web hosting service.

Question 2: Does the web host exist for a long time?

We tend to put our trust in a company that has been in the business for years. The length of time and longevity still speaks of its ability to provide reliable service. And this holds true for web hosting too. If the web hosting company does not satisfy the customers, they will surely be gone in a matter of years. However, if the company has been trusted by many, they will be here to stay. Look out for the company’s story and delve deeper into how they get started and how long have they been doing it. You can also complete a domain name whois lookup of the host.

Question 3: Does the web host provides the features that I need?

Every customer has different demands on their site. There are simple static web pages that don’t require a lot of features. There are also full-blown sites like e-commerce sites that would require a lot. Before signing up make sure that the features you need can be provided by the web hosting platform. Make sure you also get to know how they can be able to handle growth or surge visitor visit to your site. Their product range of hosting must also be explained like shared hosting and even free hosting.

Always do your homework especially in choosing the web hosting for you. To get you started, there is already a handful of the best web hosting Malaysia has to provide. At the end of it all, we are talking about you and your site. And you don’t only deserve the best but also the web host company that fits your site requirements.


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