Roadmap towards forming a successful Mobile App


Assuming you have identified and examined all crucial questions regarding your app you can now proceed forward towards building your mobile app. Here are a few milestones you need to cover step by step in order to start building your mobile app at a product level. Of Course, this can vary for different mobile apps but based on our experiences with various mobiles and products we can be able to sketch you a roadmap to help reach your app till MVP stage:

  1. Assemble your Team:

    Under the guidance of a good technical expert and the requirements the first thing you do assemble yourself a team of good developers in the required language that shall be best suited for your app. This also requires keeping in mind how many members shall you be requiring while assembly phase and maintenance phase. In case you are not that tech savvy or building an equipped team for your assembly phase could be a burden, you can always reach out at our office here at where we have a group of experienced developers ready to understand your idea to your satisfaction.

  2. Sketch and communicate your design:

    For the best results it is always essential every member in your team knows the whats and hows of the product. Nothing establishes this clarity better than communicating the design before starting step number one of construction labour. Communicating the design enables your teammates to anticipate the consequences of any step and this reduces the chances of futile execution.

  3. Know what the MVP in your case is:

    MVP or most viable product is the most minimal version of your app which is capable of fitting your financial model. It is to be noted that MVP might not necessarily the final face of your product, but is definitely the first step from where the business journey of your app begins. It should be done keeping in mind the number of users you wish to reach and what utilities they shall get to harness how you can raise their expectations to the next level.

  4. Micro Testing:

    Let us say you reached your MVP, it is then very important to do an event of Micro testing and check if your app looks and functions like you expected it to. You can Micro Test it amongst your own teammates or organize a group of neutral users to test it out for a better feedback. It is during this phase you understand and access all the functionality of your mobile app and mark out any mistakes or bugs before you launch it.

  5. Social Media Missions:

    Once isolated your target demographics on social media or in other modes as the case of your app might be, at the smartest moment you can start reaching out and advertise your product. The timing of starting your social media mission is the most crucial and care must be taken you don’t start it too early or too late. Remember, this is also when you start building the brand of your app and the key difference between branding and marketing is that Brand is eternal. So be totally conscious of what and how your are spreading in regard to your mobile app.

  6. Launch:

    Besides launching is simply on playstore it is also a bold statement to organize some sort of an event and announce your product out loud. This enables you to physically advertise your product and let yourself known in person for other future processes.

Let us know if this blog post was helpful to you or any points where you disagree. We shall be happy to have your experiences shared and feature it on our post.

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