SEO Factors to Think About Before You Write Your Next Web Design Brief


Let’s assume you have a client who asks you what they can do to boost their organic traffic. Following a series of considerations such as existing traffic analytics, extensive tech checks and so forth, you may come up with some tough, yet constructive, suggestions like, your website needs a full redesign or you need to improve your content.

However, as much as we hate to admit it, an SEO campaign is often an area which gets overlooked by many website owners and even marketers. SEO strategic planning should be an essential component of any online marketing mix. According to Magicdust the secret is to play around with all the available options till you find out which marketing strategies work best for your specific target audience.

Besides conducting a SWOT analysis, there are some other things that you may want to consider.

How do you convey your strategic mission statement online?

Do the terms and words you are using in your web design clearly explain the client’s problem and solution they are seeking? You have to link this specific solution with your brand in order to gain more traffic.

Additionally, you may also want to consider where you stack up against your competitors when it comes to the searchable terms that make your unique value proposition.

Do you understand your target market?

Understanding your target market is also vital when doing your strategic research. Consider buyer personas, your target audience demographics and how others respond and react to your brand offline or online (for example via your website and social media). This will enable you to develop a web design and structure that will effectively guide customers to where you want to them to go as well as where they themselves actually wish to go. Use target keywords and mapping to optimise your web design according to your targets if you wish to get better results.

Examine your competition

Knowing your competition will help you come up with more effective and unique solutions to improve your SEO strategy such as improved web design, more effective content and so forth. This includes looking up your online competitors, your business niche competitors, and cross-field competitors that may attempt to reach your potential customers indirectly.

Get your URLs organised

When Google attempts to scan the same text through multiple URLs that direct to it, duplicate content problems may arise. From a web designer’s point of view, a URL is unique if it appears with a unique ID in the website’s database so make sure that all URLs have a unique ID to avoid any problems.

Website speed

As many web developers try to deliver work on time, website speed is one of the things that get “sacrificed” in the process. If you neglect to fix it, you may risk losing valuable traffic so make sure that your website loads fast.


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