Six Benefits of Commercial Document Scanning


When information is needed from older documents, getting it usually involves searching through boxes of paper files. If the document is misfiled, it can take a long time to recover the information. Fortunately, by having paper documents scanned and saved as electronic files, information can be easier to find. Here are six other benefits of commercial document scanning.

Clears the Clutter

If your company has been in business for decades, then there are probably file cabinets or file boxes stuffed with paper files. Document scanning can help reduce this clutter because once the documents are in an electronic format, many of the paper files can be destroyed. Only files that need to be legally retained should be saved in paper form as well as electronic form.

Provides Better Security

The information from paper files can be copied by almost anyone with access to a file room or storage area. If the information contains sensitive data, such as customers’ financial information, that makes them vulnerable to identity theft. Commercial document scanning services provide better security for sensitive information, as non-essential paper files can be destroyed after they are scanned, and access to electronic files is easier to control.

Provides Collaboration Opportunities

It will be easier for different departments or colleagues to collaborate on projects when the information is more accessible. Scanning documents and retaining them as electronic files makes it easier for information to be shared and updated in collaborative efforts. Colleagues located in different areas of the country or the world can share the same files much more easily and quickly than by mailing or faxing information.

Offers Faster Recovery from Disasters

If there is a flood, fire or other natural disaster that destroys your company’s property, recovering from it could take weeks, if not months, if there are only paper files. Having documents scanned as electronic files allows your business to recover faster so that it can get back up and running after a disaster. Even if computers are damaged or destroyed, many document management companies will have the files backed up on tape or a hard drive so that you can access them immediately.

Helps the Environment

Despite the technology available to office workers, thousands of sheets of paper are still used annually in most offices to create mailings, memos, accounting billings, and more. By switching to using electronic files, your office can reduce its paper usage, which will not only save trees, but also save your business money as well. An environmentally-conscious company may also draw more customers to it because it shows concern for something other than its own preservation.

Improves Customer Service

When a customer requests information, it can take some time to get it for them if you’re still using paper files. However, if you’re using electronic files, you can look up their information more quickly and offer to send it to them via email instead of having them wait for a paper copy of the information.

By providing information faster, your customers will be happier and more loyal. All in all, having paper documents scanned and saved as electronic files is much more efficient for businesses.



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