Some Facts about Youtube Videos


YouTube is an American based video sharing website with it’s headquarter in California. Google bought the website in November 2006 and now it operates as Google’s subsidiary. Users can upload, share, view, rate, report, add to favorites, comment and subscribe to other users. Video clips, full movie, movie trailers, short films, short original videos and educational videos are available on YouTube. Mostly the contents on YouTube are uploaded by individuals but media corporations like BBC, Vevo and CBS too upload their material as part of their partnership program. Unregistered users can watch videos online but registered users can upload videos and add comments to them.

Some videos can be watched only by registered users who are at least 18 years of age. Advertising revenue is earned from Google AdSense, a program that targets ads according to site content. The majority of videos are free but some are subscription based channels and YouTube Red, providing access to content exclusively made with existing users in partnership. Practically, it is not very easy to download YouTube Videos to the computer. There are useful webtools that help to save YouTube Video content. One good way is to download YouTube videos to the cloud and to access them by using pCloud Save. Access can be done from any device.

Saving YouTube Videos to the Cloud

pCloud Save is used for saving web files. This extension is also used to upload images, content and video to the service by a right click context menu button. In order to save web files, one needs to register or open account with the pCloud. Thereafter, one is required to download the pCloud Save browser extension. Firefox and Chrome have pCloud Save. After installation, logging into the pCloud account is to be done. YouTube has a page which shows the videos one can save. Thereafter copy the URL address and paste it online on YouTube downloader.

Now, copy and paste the YouTube video URL in the bar and convert. As the online video downloading tool converts the video, right click on download button and select the option save to pCloud from download button. As soon as the YouTube video is uploaded, a notification is received from pCloud. On clicking it, it leads to the exact location of the YouTube content one has saved. Another feature is integrated video player. Saved video can be played directly from the service. There is no need for downloading it again or use any other software.

Rising demand to save YouTube Videos to the Cloud

Saving YouTube videos to the cloud removes the old cumbersome methods. It gives a hassle-free solution and one can have other options at hand. One can upload to the cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox preventing large files from being saved on the computer. This saves time, bandwidth and some gigabytes. Multiple options are there to save YouTube videos and can be accessed online or through mobile or on the home computer. One can access videos anytime and from any anywhere even if the uploader removes it from YouTube. The method is also very easy as one has to copy and paste the YouTube URL of the video in Offcloud and click fetch to watch the video.


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