Split PDF files in just minutes with Movavi PDF Splitter


Large PDF files are hard to manage any day. What if you don’t need the entire file and would require just a few pages for your project? It could also be that you have to send only section of the file through email. A huge PDF file is always a pain to send and receive. What if you can split pdf files? Yes, it’s possible and you have Movavi PDF Splitter to help you here. Movavi is a highly acknowledged and globally renowned software developer. It’s new PDF Splitter is one of its most sought after products all around the world. You can even try it for free before investing your hard ear4ned money in it.

The post below shares how you can split PDF files with Movavi PDF Splitter in just minutes-

Step 1

The primary thing is to download & install the Movavi PDF Splitter in your desktop or laptop.

Step 2

In the second step, you will add your large PDF file to the program window. Locate the Open File tab on the window & click on it. It will help you to select the huge PDF file from your folder. Add it to the software interface. Then, click on Pages tab. It will activate pages view feature so that you can see the number of pages of the file. If you need just 1 page, click right on that particular page. But for multiple pages, you will need to click on each of the pages which you have to extract from the big PDF document.

Step 3

Now, it’s time to separate the large PDF into several files so that the documents are easier to manage. Look for Extract tab on the program window & click on it. The tab would be on right side. Then, choose output folder where your new file would be saved. Type the name of the new file. Next, just click on Save tab. The pages you selected in the previous step would be automatically saved as new PDF.

Significant features of Movavi PDF Splitter

  • Engineered to both split & merge PDF files.
  • Designed to remove or rearrange and do both for individual pages of one large PDF.
  • Able to convert images into PDF files.
  • Equipped to extract out single pages from one big PDF document.

Useful tips

  • While clicking on multiple pages, make sure to hold down on Ctrl if you are using Windows. Mac users will hold down on the Cmd tab. It will separate those selected pages from the original file.
  • If you have to select a whole sequence of PDF pages, just hold on Shift tab & only click on 1st & last page of your sequence.


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