SSD VPS Hosting vs. HDD VPS Hosting


Ever since Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting was introduced, it has turned out to be an efficient and reliable way to host sites. When compared to other hosting platforms, VPS server hosting offers an array of benefits with high-end features which are cost-efficient. It is more like dedicated hosting but at a much lower cost but benefits of dedicated resources. Of all the plus points, one of the highest scoring ones for VPS hosting is its storage architecture. Users can avail both SSD (solid state drives) and HDD (hard disk drives) storage. But it is mostly the SSD VPS hosting that has turned out to be more of an advantage to site owners.

Unlike the traditional rotating hard disks, SSD is better and faster in terms of processing needs, user lesser power, and are more resilient to physical impacts, making them more durable.

If you are a site owner and are still unclear about how SSD can benefit over HDD, here are a few points to help you understand better.

Operational efficiency

SSD disks offer better speed of around 30-40 writes per second, which essentially translates to better performing resources. While processing requests, the processor can easily skip the long waiting period between earlier requests, thus enhancing the server speed and the overall performance thereof.

Cost efficiency

Although the upfront cost of SSD VPS hosting might seem higher than the HDD VPS hosting plans, it is only the initial investment. Because, eventually, in the long run, the better and faster performance of your site easily writes off the cost factor. By reducing recurring costs which you might incur with investing in more storage, you can opt for a more cost-efficient plan with SSD VPS.

Resource reliability

The rotating hard disk drives are made of moving parts (hence rotating) which can undergo wear and tear with use and are highly prone to physical damages. On the contrary, SSD disks are static and have no moving parts. They run on smarter technologies that keep the hardware durable and running for a longer time, making them more reliable than HDDs.

Efficient power usage

With more responsibility of enterprises towards smart utilization of resources and being environment-friendly, it is important to also consider power usage when hosting. The reliability factor of SSDs also contributes to more efficient power usage within your hosting environment. By making the resources work faster, SSD also helps in reducing power consumption.

On a parting note…

With websites becoming more dynamic and feature-rich, they are demanding more maintenance and smarter management. Reliability, efficiency, and durability are the basic expectations of any hosting environment today. And hosting providers are striving to accomplish these essential needs of site owners by using smart resources like SSD VPS. No matter what your business type is and the kind of website that you build, it ultimately boils down the best user experience you can give your audience when they visit your site. This not only encourages better conversions but also increases your brand visibility. Hence, whenever you choose your hosting plans, make sure all these long term objectives are met by your prospective hosting partner.


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