Syma Multicopter – Offer High-Quality Battery And Unique Design


Syma is one of the top Chinese RC quadcopter brands and it offers the high-quality new RC quadcopter to their customers. It has never stopped to launch the latest RC quadcopter in the market. Now it has launched the new RC quadcopter that is named as the Syma X56W. The latest model of the quadcopter comes with the wifi FPV g- sensor and foldable drone, headless mode, 2.4G 4CH 6 axis gyro, and others.

Design of Syma X56W

The RC quadcopter has come with the combination of the red and black color. This product loaded with the transmitter, screwdriver, quadcopter with the camera, USB charger, screwdriver, propeller, transmitter, battery, four protective rings, user manual, smartphone holder and others.  The product has a dimension of 5.5*16.5*14.5 cm with the foldable design. The dimension of the unfolded design is 21.5*5.5*21.5 cm and the loaded with the high-quality battery that gram is hundred fifty.  The foldable design of the quadcopter is lightweight and also portable. So anyone can carry this product from one place to another place easily without any hassle.


The battery of the product is made of 3.7 voltages and 850 mAh. It takes more than hundred minutes to complete charging and when the red light is indicating that means charging. When the blue light is indicating that means the charging is completed. With the help of the charge cable and connector, you can hole for the charging. Syma Multicopter has entry level quadcopter design and it offers optional blade protection and landing legs.

Features of the Syma X56W

The price of the device is affordable and it is super fun and entertainment to fly. The RC quadcopter comes with the unique design and function.

  • The structure design of the RC quadcopter is foldable
  • It comes with the wifi FPV and 0.3 MP cameras that allow the user can take the photo and video easily.
  • The three dimension Flips and rolls the drone to the roll and flip at the various angles.
  • With the help of the headless mode, the user can able to fly easily.
  • The front camera is stationary and also positioned downward. It takes some practice to get some idea of its capturing area.
  • Gyro 6 axis enables the X56W drone to keep stable and also balances while the flight.
  • The altitude holds with the latest barometer to create the stable flights and quality aerial shots.  

Low voltage protection

In the device, when the light indicates at the bottom of the X56w drone begin flashing. If the battery of drone is low then the SYMA drone can descend slowly still the quadcopter land to the ground. It avoids the damage from the falling. It comes with the high-quality camera and G sensor that allow the user to move the drone according to the direction of the smartphone. The mode of track controlled to draw the flight track depends on the user needs on the smartphone and it comes with the light emitting diode for the night flight.


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